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  2. Hungry? Check out Singapore’s pizza takeaways that could feed the five-thousand
Hungry? Check Out 5 Of Singapore's Pizza Takeaways That Could Feed The Five-Thousand

Hungry? Check out Singapore’s pizza takeaways that could feed the five-thousand

There is no doubt that Pizza takeaways are one of the most popular Western-style foods in Singapore, as well as the rest of the world! Whether it's a crisp, thin base with delectable toppings or a more substantial deep pan pizza capable of housing meaty goodness, at Deliveroo we've got our hunger cravings sorted with fresh, hot pizza delivered straight to your door.

If you've worked up a huge appetite and you're looking for a pizza that offer quality and quantity, check out our favourite pizza takeaways in Singapore that hand-make the biggest pizzas to share – or gorge alone!

1. 13" monsters at Socks & Pans, Tanjong Pagar

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Although Socks & Pans state that their 13" thin crust pizzas are made for 2-3 people to share, if you're feeling particularly peckish we're sure you could polish one of these bad-boys off! This popular Western café specialises in pizzas, pastas and fresh sandwiches and their pizza toppings are particularly interesting with Thai basil pork and Hebi Hiam – or spicy dried shrimp – catching the eye.

2. 14" pizzas and 21 varieties at The Pizzerian, Little India

Nestled in the heart of Little India, The Pizzerian should be one of your first ports of call for large, tantalising takeaway pizzas in Singapore. Their impressive 14" round pizzas are guaranteed to have you drooling, as is their exhaustive menu of varieties, ranging from standard BBQ chicken and pepperoni pizzas to braver toppings such as Teriyaki chicken and four cheese pizzas. Keep your eyes peeled for two-for-one offers at Deliveroo as sometimes you'll be able to get two of these whoppers for the price of one!

3. Full pan 14" pizzas at Pezzo, Orchard

As the brand says, Pezzo's pizzas offer a carnival of fun and flavours and not only that they make darn big pizzas too! Pezzo's pizza crafters know the importance of hand-making scrumptious-tasting pizzas to be eaten at home or on the go. Their 14" full pan pizzas will test even the most humungous of appetites.

4. 14" gourmet pizzas at Marché Mövenpick, City Hall

Right in the thick of the action in downtown Singapore sits Marché Mövenpick, a global chain of bistro/bars dedicated to offering fresh seasonal produce all year round. If you're looking for a large pizza that's more gourmet than cheap and cheerful, it's impossible to ignore what's on offer here. From elegant toppings such as smoked duck breast, antipasti and prosciutto, you can see that Marché Mövenpick hand-crafts takeaway pizza that's fit for even the most special of occasions.

5. Upper crust 13" pizzas at Crust Gourmet Pizza Bar, Holland Village

Another pizza takeaway restaurant that offers quality ingredients as well as quantity, Crust Gourmet Pizza Bar offers 13" pizzas that are 100% upper crust. With scrumptious Wagyu beef and prawns offering a different kind of 'surf'n'turf', Moroccan lamb offering a taste of North Africa and Pesto chicken delivering the Mediterranean right to your front door, these guys in Holland Village are some of the best pizza artisans in all of Singapore!

For a comprehensive choice of all takeaway options delivered to your door in Singapore, check out Deliveroo's full list of restaurants here.

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