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  2. If you’re after a wonderful Western breakfast, Singapore has plenty to offer
Start the day with a western breakfast Singapore style

If you’re after a wonderful Western breakfast, Singapore has plenty to offer

They say it's the most important meal of the day. It's the one that gives you all the energy you need to get through the morning's tasks, to keep you going until it's time to refuel on lunch. It's also a particularly important meal in Europe and America and that's why there are so many different dishes to enjoy. You just have to look at the menus of so many restaurants to see that, when it comes to a Western breakfast, Singapore offers you plenty of options. Here are just five of them, to get you - and your day - started.

1. Savoury

If you really want to start the day on a high then might we recommend the Spanish Scramble from Clinton Street Baking Co.? The Spanish element comes from the chorizo sausage, so generously scattered over three fresh eggs along with tomatoes, caramelised onions, scallions and Monterey jack cheese. It's also served with hash browns and sourdough toast on the side, to create the sort of plateful that breakfast fans have only dreamed about - until now!

2. Continental

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Pastries are another typically continental style of breakfast, either served on their own with jams and conserves or, as in this example, with savoury accompaniments. Order the Ham & Cheddar Cheese Croissant from Joe & Dough and you'll be sampling a fine example that pairs a flaky, buttery croissant with honey-roasted ham and melting cheddar cheese. Or if you fancy something with a richer base, the cheese and ham combination also features in another of their French breakfast dishes: the Classic Croque Monsieur'll have you craving a repeat of that thick béchamel sauce every day of the week.

3. Sweet

Think of an American diner breakfast and one of the dishes that first comes to mind is surely that iconic stack of freshly-made pancakes. These are recreated to perfection by the team down at TCC. They're served with butter and rich maple syrup, not forgetting the whipped cream too. So, while it may sound more like the perfect dessert, we think you and your belly will agree that it makes a pretty fine breakfast too. 

4. Healthy

Maybe you're looking for a healthier way to start the day. In which case, step forward the Apple Muesli from Saladstop. It's positively brimming with good things for you. There are apples, obviously, and these are joined by superfoods like chia seeds and dried cranberries, rolled oats, honey, yoghurt, dried apricots and yellow raisins. It all tastes so fantastic it's hard to remember it's doing you good too!

5. Indulgent

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If you've always thought that indulgent breakfasts were just for the weekend  then it could be time to reconsider. The Green & Lean from Dapper Coffee undoubtedly scores highly on the indulgence scale but it's the sort of meal you can enjoy any day of the week. Scrambled eggs are paired with roasted cherry tomatoes and goat's cheese and the green element is provided by mesclun and rocket. So it's a great way to make the day really take off!

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