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  2. Treat yourself to the best Western comfort foods to take you from breakfast to dinner
Western Comfort Foods to Take You From Breakfast to Dinner

Treat yourself to the best Western comfort foods to take you from breakfast to dinner

Whether you're looking to unwind after a long week or simply treat yourself to a lazy evening, nothing can quite beat the feeling of settling down in your how home with some hearty comfort food. There are so many Western dishes from breakfast to dinner options, to fill you up and comfort you - and they're totally delicious. Singapore is a melting pot of cultures and cuisines so of course there are plenty of great spots to pick up your favourite comfort food to savour and enjoy. Let's take a look at the best dishes you can get ahold of today and keep the hunger far away.

1. Full English breakfast

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What better way to kick off a big day than by fuelling up with a delicious Full English breakfast? The guys over at Cedele All Day Dining serve up some of the best plates in town and The Full Plate is the one to go for. This dish is brimming with all sorts of goodies, including your choice of eggs, crispy bacon, sun-dried tomato and herb sausages, vine tomatoes, mushrooms, greens and a side of sourdough bread with jam and butter. This dish is certain to keep the hunger far away and get you fuelled up for the day - not to mention, it's a thoroughly enjoyable experience.

2. Cheeseburger

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One of the best Western comfort foods has got to be the humble burger. They're easy to eat and always a delicious dish so next time you feel the craving for a great burger, get your chops around the Bacon and Cheeseburger served over at Butcher Boy. This burger is made with a high-quality beef patty along with bacon, cheddar, lettuce, tomatoes and topped with a delightful onion kimchi which brings an extra splash of flavour to each bite. You'll certainly be impressed with this meal and it will be sure to hit the spot every time. 

3. Fish and chips

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You don't have to be British to enjoy this classic dish. The mighty fish and chips is a meal loved all around the world and it's a truly satisfying comfort food. Over at Smith's Fish and Chips, you can choose from a perfectly fried haddock or cod to enjoy and you can choose from either small or large depending on your appetite. If you'd rather go for a healthier option, you can even replace your chips for a salad - but why break tradition? 

4. Rib-eye steak

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For a dinner that you'll be thinking about for days to come, there's no better meal than the classic rib-eye steak. Black Angus Steakhouse serves up some of the juiciest steaks in town and their 10oz Rib-Eye comes served with crispy haystack onion rings, fresh veggies and French fries, making every bite utterly mouth-watering. You'll be left scraping the plate for more!

Enjoying some hearty comfort food every now and then is one of the best ways to savour your food and give yourself the treat you know you deserve. Whether it's breakfast, lunch or dinner there's always some great Western food to enjoy throughout your day.

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