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A quick guide to the best vegan fast food in Singapore

Fast food, good food. Here are some vegan not-so-guilty pleasures to sooth the soul

Vegan food and fast food might not seem like they fit together very well. After all, veganism is all about thinking carefully about what you eat and fast food is just something to grab and go. But as more and more people start to enjoy the vegan lifestyle, vegetarian restaurants have really started to expand the options they offer. So we're seeing more and more vegan versions of fast food favourites appearing on menus, from gourmet burgers to curries. Bring it on, we say, and here are four fantastic examples to show what we mean.

1. Burger

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They promise you Real Food and that's exactly what you get when you order in from this veggie restaurant with a reputation for innovation. You only have to look at their burgers to see just how inventive they are with the star of the show being their Lentil (Quinoa) Coquette Burger. The home-made patty is a protein-packed combination of walnuts, quinoa, mushrooms, oregano and Himalayan lentils. It also comes covered in vegan mayo and tomato sauce with a real forest of greenery as well. For an even more succulent experience check out their Portobello Burger which comes plain or spicy.

2. Hot Dog

They might be called VeganBurg but they do a pretty mean hot dog too so when you sink your teeth into this fast food beauty you'll be assailed by a number of flavours and textures. Obviously the smoky vegan frank is one we hold dear in our hearts and the Rendang's Tex-Mex combination of black beans, tomato, onions, chilli and spices does it justice. It's undoubtedly spicy and unbelievably tasty but if you're a fan of the plainer kind of dog they have the perfect alternative. Their Old School Hotdog is topped with a milder sauce altogether – but it's equally delicious.

3. Pizza


It's usually the cheese that knocks out pizza as a vegan option. But not so with the Raw Pizza from Afterglow. While it might be dairy- and meat-free they certainly have packed in the other ingredients. Let's start with the almond crust which they top with basil cashew sauce and pesto. There are also seasonal vegetables, pineapple, mushrooms, spinach, tomatoes and onions plus bell pepper sauce and wakame. As if all this healthy stuff wasn't enough, if you really want to enjoy a superfood feast, why not add a side order of their amazing Sweet Potato Wedges?

4. Curry

We couldn't have a rundown of amazing fast food without including at least one curry, and here it is. The Thai Jungle Curry With Tofu And Vegetables from Bali Thai is fragrant with the flavours of the cuisine and the tofu adds plenty of great-tasting protein. The rich sauce uses coconut milk and vegetables include that other Thai favourite, mini sweetcorn, along with peas. Add a serving of Vegetable Fried Rice and you'll be in Thai curry heaven!

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