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  2. Nothing’s quite as sweet as a Singaporean dessert!
Nothing’s Quite as Sweet as a Singaporean Dessert!

Nothing’s quite as sweet as a Singaporean dessert!

There's no denying that Singapore has a distinctly sweet tooth, so there's certainly no shortage of places serving up deliciously enticing desserts.

It's also a part of the menu that encourages lots of chefs to come up with some mouth-wateringly different ideas. But there are also plenty of more traditional option waiting for you, too, using local ingredients and recipes that go back generations. So, if you want to enjoy the typically sweet taste of this part of Asia, here are five fantastic alternatives.

1.Ah Chew Desserts

Grass Jelly with Longan

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There's a real skill to preparing this classic Asian dessert – and it's certainly one that they have perfected at Ah Chew Desserts. The grass jelly, which is made from a plant that's a member of the mint family, has a mildly bitter flavour that is perfectly offset by the sweet and juicy longan. Although less fragrant than its relative, the lychee, the fruit more than lives up in appearance to its Chinese name, dragon's eye.

2.Happy Po Po Dessert

Cold Cheng T'ng

There are few more refreshing desserts than Cheng T'ng, especially when served as a cold soup-style dish. For a great example, head for Happy Po Po Dessert, where they blend a long list of ingredients including barley, pandan leaves and lotus seeds with rock sugar, red dates and gingko along with dried longans. The result is a sweet and very moreish dessert that's perfect for a hot day or night.

3.Ji Xiang Confectionery

Sweet Bean Ang Ku Kueh

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Ji Xiang Confectionery are experts at the Chinese art of Ang Ku Kueh pastry making which is a special delicacy that originated in the town of Fujian. The literal translation is "red turtle cake" and these are traditionally eaten to bring prosperity, longevity and wealth. They come with many different fillings including peanuts and, in this case, tasty sweet beans and stay true to the recipes that they've used ever since they first opened back in 1988.

4.Hong Kong Sheng Kee Dessert

Osmanthus Aloe Vera

If you're looking for a dessert that's going to do you good, too, then the Osmanthus Aloe Vera served at Hong Kong Sheng Kee Dessert is the perfect choice. It's a cooling and invigorating drink whose ingredients have healing and healthy properties. For example, Osmanthus is said to relieve fatigue and increase your mental agility while aloe vera is well known as "the miracle plant" for the way it helps skin to be healthier and aids digestion. Best of all, it tastes fantastic, too.

5.Mei Heong Yen Desserts

Durian Mochi

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They say that the durian fruit divides the world into people who love it and those who hate it and some airlines won't even let you take one on board. But fans of the spiky fruit will be delighted by these tasty bite-sized mochi, expertly made my Mei Heong Yen Desserts to give a true taste of Asia.

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