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5 amazing options for all lovers of sushi and seafood

Super sushi and sublime seafood - An expert’s guide

If you love sushi like we love sushi, this is going to be an essential read for you. We've searched high and low amongst Singapore's sushi takeaways to find you a fantastic choice to suit your taste for this Japanese delicacy. From platters for fans of California rolls to feasts for the true connoisseur, we've searched high and low in our quest for the freshest seafood and the most expertly-prepared dishes. Now it's your turn to discover them for yourself.

1. Spicy

They say that some like it hot and if this includes you, then we'd recommend Heat Wave from Rollie Ollie. It's a fantastic combination of market-fresh spicy tuna, cooling avocado and cucumber, jicama, mizuma, and pepper grass, plus spicy mayo that certainly packs quite a punch. If you'd like your spice to be a little more exotic, then the brilliantly-named Bollywood features Indian flavours as well as both curry prawns and curry mayo.

2. California-style


There's another taste sensation waiting for you at Senmi Sushi in the form of their Uni, Hamachi and Ebi Fry Bomb. It's a maki-style roll just like they serve on the West Coast that's positively packed with amazing flavours. Prawn tempura is joined by salty sea-urchin, yellowtail tuna and their own special mentai sauce made from pollock roe. The result is sushi that can transport you to California in an instant, and you may not want to come back!

3. Fish lover's sushi

It's pretty much a given that if you like sushi you'll also be a keen pescatarian too. So one of the best places in the city to indulge your love of all things fishy is at Watami. Among the standout items on the menu are their Salmon & Avocado and Unagi Rolls. Both are classic sushi rolls, the first with avocado and flying fish roe and the second with grilled eel slices and finely chopped spring onion. They also do an amazing Salmon Belly Sushi using one of the most prized cuts of the fish.

4. Adventurous

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If you fancy tasting a wide range of different flavours, some of which you may never have come across before, then the Mentai Premium Selection from Momiji Japanese Buffet should do nicely. Among its many surprises is a special smoked duck sushi whose rich meat is perfectly balanced by the plainer-tasting rice. There are also scallop, crab and eel varieties too, which create a platter that's as full of surprises as you'd find absolutely anywhere in the world.

5. Party time!

Sushi's also the perfect food for sharing, so let's end on a fantastic party platter from iSushi. It's a 54-piece set with all manner of tasty treats including mini maki rolls, ebiko sushi, lobster salad, scallop, octopus and jellyfish that they say is enough for up to 15 people. So if you also want to introduce your friends to the wonderful world of sushi, this could be your ideal chance.

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