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  2. Looking to Share? The Top 5 Sushi Platters You Will Taste in Singapore
Looking to Share? The Top 5 Sushi Platters You Will Taste in Singapore

Looking to Share? The Top 5 Sushi Platters You Will Taste in Singapore

Healthy, tremendously nutritious and super yummy, sushi is one of the first options that spring to mind when you want to grab a quick lunch or impress a first date with a food sharing experience. So if you are looking for the best places to share a sushi platter with a business colleague on your lunch break or with friends on a lazy weekend, here are the best spots in Singapore that do the trick.

1.Sushi Tei

This restaurant boasts of its open kitchen that allows you to see the skilled chefs at work, preparing your sushi on the spot with fresh ingredients. For the meat-lovers, you can even find Wagyu sushi, but it is really their sushi platters they are most famous about: the Hodaka platter is a must if you want a little bit of everything – bluefin tuna, salmon, squid, octopus, boiled scallop, eel, sweet shrimp and salmon roe all packed together in one delicious combo, perfect for sharing! The Suruga platter will make you think out of the box, with unusual flavours like sea urchin, zuwai crab, and minced raw tuna, or try the Salmon Yoridori for five different textures of salmon – ideal for hardcore fans.


Kiraku seeks to uphold the traditional, authentic Japanese flavours in a modern version that is also familiar to diners. That does not mean that they do not go out of the way to introduce new, succulent sushi combinations; quite the opposite, their platters are a perfect example of variety meets flavour. Their Bara Chirashi Set is the chef's selection of sashimi for the day, laid delicately upon thinly-sliced egg crepes on sushi rice. If you want it all, try the Sashimi and Sushi Set: tuna, yellowtail, salmon sashimi and sushi, are paired ideally with ikura gunkan, swordfish sushi and volcano maki. And if you are really feeling like luxury tonight, order the Deluxe Sushi Set for a premium selection including sea urchin, conger eel, sweet prawn, sea bream, salmon belly, and negitoro gunkan. Interesting, experimental flavours – that is what sushi is all about!

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3.Sakae Sushi

Sakae Sushi specializes in flavourful sushi served in portions that will make sure you do not go hungry soon after your meal. Their sushi platters are reliably good and mouth-watering, serving you variety on a plate: you can try their raw platter, their cooked platter, or the mixed version, combining traditional flavours such as salmon roe warship sushi and squid sushi, with bolder options including sea snail, surf clam and swordfish. Invite at least a couple of friends – you certainly need help to tackle these platters!

4.Kinsa Sushi

If anyone knows how to do subtle and nuanced Japanese flavours, it is Kinsa Sushi: starters include their seasoned jelly fish and spinach with sesame dressing. Their sushi platters are mouth wateringly good and they offer a wide variety of options and amped up combo platters: you can try the Mini Sushi Maki platter, a combo of salmon, octopus, scallop and other maki with tobiko, or take it up a notch and order the Sushi Kyoto, with flavours such as swordfish, sweet prawn and surf clam.

5.Senmi Sushi

Sometimes you crave a sushi flavour that is a bit out there and you cannot put your finger on it – then Senmi Sushi is the place for you. Their Connoisseur Shiromi Sushi Platter includes striped horse mackerel, flounder and orange sea bream – and we loved every single one of them. If you are looking to heat things up, go for the Aburi Selections Platter; our favourite, not only because of the flamed Japanese scallop with codfish roe sushi or the unbelievably good sweet prawn with foie gras combination, but for their beautiful presentations, too. You know that they take their sushi very seriously here!

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