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  2. This is how we roll - Sushi heaven in Singapore
This is how we roll - Sushi heaven in Singapore

This is how we roll - Sushi heaven in Singapore

When it comes to sushi in Singapore, there's so much choice, and when you start to work out where you want to go to lunch, there are so many factors at play.

Do you fancy something traditional? Fast? Is it a special occasion? Perhaps you're going out with a sushi-phobic and you have to ensure there is something grilled and meaty on the menu too. The truth is that we're spoiled when we want to eat out in Singapore, and sushi is no exception.

Your head starts to spin, because all you want is the freshest tuna sashimi and some cold sake, but here we have it. Some of Singapore's favourite sushi restaurants, whatever the occasion.

1.Standing Sushi Bar

For classic, fresh fish in Singapore, look no further than Standing Sushi. Modelled on the traditional standing sushi bars in Japan, Standing Sushi offers a uniquely Japanese experience in Singapore, and delivers on flavour. The brand has expanded considerably over the last few years and now boasts restaurants all over Singapore and Jakarta. However, the Standing Sushi trademark remains: fresh fish daily. It is also one of the few sushi outlets in Singapore to sell white tuna. They often have deals on certain dishes during the week, and who doesn't love half price Sashimi?

2.Sun With Moon

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Sun With Moon is a unique little restaurant, and a great find after a long day of shopping. With lots of nigiri sets to choose from, you won't go hungry. For the more adventurous, you can get a DIY set, and roll your own. Expect a little bit of mess and lots of fun, and if it doesn't look right, it'll still taste delicious! If DIY isn't for you and you turned up to Sun With Moon to eat your food rather than to play with it, then you needn't worry either. Alongside their many sushi and sashimi options, they also serve steaming bowls of traditional Kamameshi, and if you're taking your sushi-phobic friend along, then there's always the option of grilled fish or beef, and there's a great vegetarian selection for those who don't eat meat at all.

3.Sushi Burrito

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If there are two incredible foods from opposite sides of the world which could be put together, what would the be? Obviously, it's sushi and burritos. Sushi Burrito have cracked the code to ultimate umami and ensure that lunchtimes are speedy and delicious. Our favourite is the Flaming Dragon, which is made with fresh tuna sashimi, sliced jellyfish, onions, cucumber, purple tukuan, takuan (pickled radishes) and, believe it or not... potato chips. It'll wake you up and keep you going for the whole day. They also have a veggie option, and an avo burrito sounds delicious to us! Instead of being wrapped in a soft taco like their Mexican cousin, they're wrapped in seaweed and rolled, so they're like a giant sushi roll. Heaven!

Of course, there are so many sushi bars in Singapore, and sushi makes a great fast lunch or a beautiful sit-down dinner. We've got a whole range of sushi joints over on Deliveroo.

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