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4 Sensational Seafood Joints To Try In Singapore

Dip A Toe In The Ocean. Four Singapore Seafood Joints You Just Have To Try

From pastas to platters, the ocean hosts a whole world of tastes and flavours just waiting to be explored – so tease your tongue; treat your taste buds. We've gathered up four of Singapore's best seafood destinations to put on you culinary road map, each bursting with culinary newness and experience. Whether it's Mediterranean, Italian, classic Greek or modern original, there's something here in town for everyone to enjoy. So grab your knife and fork, you hungry connoisseur and get a glass of wine; it's time to dive into the best seafood delivered to your door.    

1. Summerlong

Settled in Robertson Quay right out by the waterfront, Summerlong is the first on our illustrious list. Boasting a Greek-style menu with Mediterranean inspiration, their entrees, mains and sides will leave you breathless. How do some sweetcorn and goat's cheese fritters sound? Some flatbread with lemon and garlic hummus, a plate of roast garlic prawns? The variety and texture here is phenomenal with options for fresh and saltwater alike. River trout is served up alongside fresh peas and feta. French fries come sprinkled with Arabian spiced salt. There's pomegranate, tahini, hazelnut and mustard. Come with friends and try a little bit of everything - your taste buds will thank you for it.    

2. Pasta Fresca

Boat Quay - an appropriate location for our next seafood destination. Pasta Fresca is all out Italian: we're talking ravioli, spaghetti and lasagna. We're talking pizza, beef tenderloin and garlic bread galore. Most important of all, however, is the fish and there's plenty of ways to get your fill down here: anchovy toppings, fresh clam pasta and salmon fillet cuts are scattered across the menu. Why not try some Alla Marinara? Prawns, squids and mussels all sauteed in olive oil and garlic served with a personal choice of a white wine or rich tomato sauce. How about a platter of grilled swordfish or trancio di pesca spada? Finish with grilled veggies and an olive oil marinade. Absolutely scrumptious.  

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3. Sushi Tei

Nothing quite says seafood like a plate of fresh sushi. From maki to sashimi and nagiri to donburi, raw fish has an inescapably unique flavour and Sushi Tei will be more than happy to introduce you to the cuisine. Wet your palette with a delicate starter like edamame, lobster salad, octopus and wasabi, then order four to six pieces at a time. There's everything from surf and whelk clam to squid, scallop, swordfish and salmon - a real smorgasbord of flavour bedded in fluffy white rice. Order up a seafood salad to share or perhaps one of the more iconic savoury Japanese dishes: house special kagoshima pork katsu, with or without curry, a pork belly don in a wickedly sweet sauce; there's so much to choose from.

4. Gattopardo Ristorante di Mare

More Italian, more pasta, more seafood. Gattopardo Ristorante di Mare are masters of the stuff, nestled in Tras Street and ready and waiting to serve dishes both hot and cold. They've got Zuppa seafood stew plated in terracotta bowls; they've got barramundi fillets in pistachio sauce, 'risone' pasta with braised octopus and bone marrow - all mouth-watering, all nutritious, all delicious. Every bite is a little slice of ocean heaven.

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