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  2. Salad Bowls and Poké: How to Get Healthy in Singapore
Salad Bowls and Poké: How to Get Healthy in Singapore

Salad Bowls and Poké: How to Get Healthy in Singapore

Do you feel in need of a health kick, but are bored of the same old healthy food?

Never fear, Singapore's vast array of salad bars and eateries with a revitalizing menu have made a big difference to eating well. Simple salads have been transformed with new and exciting combinations of ingredients that will enliven your taste buds. Inspiration from abroad has also helped to develop Singapore's healthy food scene, with dishes from Poké to sushi being popular choices. Let's have a look at the places in Singapore that serve up our healthy food picks.

1.The Daily Cut

In our opinion, The Daily Cut certainly proves that salad can be awesome. With three locations across Singapore, you have a good chance of being able to treat yourself to one of The Daily Cut's salad bowls, where you can choose all the ingredients yourself. Select your proteins, carbs and supplements, and you'll have a delicious meal without the cost on your body.

2.The Fit Salad Bar

Fit Salad Bar definitely lives up to its name when it comes to its food, which will surely help you to stay in shape. This is another one for fans of salad bowls. You can choose from one of the Fit Salad Bar's signature salad dishes, or be a warrior and create your own. Of course, keeping hydrated is important too and you can do that with one of the many fresh juices available.

3.Grain Traders

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The salad bowls just keep coming in Singapore, this time courtesy of Grain Traders. The build-your-own-bowl menu includes a drink and a snack, and gives you the choice of a variety of grains, vegetables, protein, toppings and sauces. There are also bowls showing off Grain Traders' trademark flavors if you are not quite sure where to start. This healthy option could be arriving at your door in no time.

4.A Poke Theory

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You might be wondering what Poké is. It's a salad bowl, but of the raw fish kind and it hails from Hawaii. It has become very popular in Singapore and is ideal for a balanced, nutritious lunch. A Poke Theory believes in just that, letting customers choose their base, fish and sides. If you are new to poké bowls, do not be afraid to get some advice on flavors from the staff.


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Saladstop! has become a popular healthy food chain across Asia and it's easy to see why. The menu is full of healthy options, from the seasonal specials to the signature meals. Salads, wraps and grain dishes are awaiting to be eaten, and with locations across Singapore, a Saladstop! meal is never far away.

Gone are the days of plain salad. Healthy food has never been so tasty, so there is no excuse for falling into the traps of unhealthy meals. You never know how much having a healthy lifestyle will do you a world of good.

With all these nutritious options available in Singapore and Deliveroo on hand to help, it is time that we say goodbye to lazy eating and say hello to wellbeing.

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