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5 Great Alternatives To Pepperoni Pizza In Singapore.

Watch Out Pepperoni Pizza! There Are Some New Guys In Town

There was a time when if you wanted some sausage on your pizza it was pepperoni or nothing. Those days are all long gone. All over Singapore pizza takeaways are coming up with lots of different toppings to spice up your life – and people are really starting to go for them. We're not saying that the pepperoni pizza's days are numbered, far from it. For all the gourmet styles out there, we'll still keep going back to it like an old friend. It's just that we'll be widening our circle of acquaintances. Here are just some of them featuring super salamis, a brilliant bratwurst and, of course, our classic fave.

1. Pepperoni Party - Pezzo

At Pezzo they call their classic version of the original and best the Pepperoni Party. It comes on a super-size 14" base loaded up their rich tomato sauce and oozingly delicious mozzarella cheese. The classic spicy sausage here comes in "extra beef" form. It's no wonder that it's one of their most popular pizzas on the menu. It's also proof that when something's so good there's no need to mess around with it.

2. Pizza Meat Lover - Napolizz Pizza

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Here's a real treat for the true carnivore who thinks the only way to improve on a meat pizza is to load even more on. Salami, ham and even a few slices of chicken sausage are on there, along with olives, cheese and fresh basil. Napolizz Pizza even add some pineapple so it's not just meat, meat, meat: it can also help you hit your five a day!

3. The Hangover - Alt. Pizza

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We're not sure if it's in homage to the film or a recommended treatment after a night of overdoing it. But The Hangover follows in the Alt. Pizza tradition of having some of the most inventive names there are. The speciality sausage on this one is chicken again, but with a fennel plot twist. There's also our old friend pepperoni, vine-ripened tomato sauce and freshly grated parmesan. If you are ordering to nurse a hangover, you'll be doing it in style with this one.

4. The Godfather - Sarpinos

At Sarpinos they're going to make you an offer you can't refuse with this little beauty. Fennel crops up again, this time in a beef sausage, while red and green bell peppers create a colourful backdrop to the meaty treats. There's also a rich tomato sauce made to their own special recipe. It might not come with the blessing of the Corleone family, but it certainly comes with ours.

5. Sausage Fest - Proofer Bakery & Pizzeria

We just couldn't resist adding this one from the Proofer Bakery & Pizzeria to the list. It goes even further than all the others in its quest to add unusual sausage toppings with pepperoni, chicken and even German bratwurst in the mix. To continue on the meat-heavy theme it even replaces tomato with smoky bbq sauce!

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