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Get Your Party On! The Best Party Food in Singapore

Get your party on! The best party food in Singapore

Birthday, Dinner, House, no matter what kind, we all love to throw a party. There's nothing better than spending an evening laughing with friends and having a great time. But catering for your guests can be stressful and deciding on the right dish that will satisfy everyone while being careful not to break the bank is no easy task.

Well, worry no more, as we are here to help you get the party in full swing with some of the best party food in Singapore available to order straight to your door.

1. 4 Fingers

Fried chicken is great party food - it's easy to eat, delicious, and pretty much everyone loves it. If you haven't tasted the glory that is Korean fried chicken, you're in for a treat. 4 Fingers specialises in serving up Korean style fried chicken which doesn't disappoint. What's more, they offer a whopping 100pcs of chicken for order for only $104.95, so you can practically feed a small army when they come to party!

Their menu isn't just restricted to fried chicken, they also serve delightful seafood options such as fried calamari and battered shrimp, as well as a range of rice and salad boxes to suit all your guests' preferences.

Where: 4 Fingers, Orchard Road, Singapore.

2.The Manhattan Pizza Co.

For that perfect New York style slice, The Manhattan Pizza Co. has you covered. They serve an extensive range of pizzas including Roast Duck, Buffalo Chicken, Char Siew Pork and many more. For when your guests just can't decide which toppings to choose from, go for a half and half pizza to please the whole crowd. What makes The Manhattan Pizza Co. so perfect for your next party is that they make enormous pizzas all for under $26.

Each slice is 10-12 inches long and bursting with flavours, and whole pizzas are up to 20 inches long, so you'll need to find a big enough table to serve them on!

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Where: The Manhattan Pizza Co., Boat Quay, Singapore.

3.Wine Connection Cheese Bar

If you're throwing a more sophisticated gathering and want the food to match, then place an order with Wine Connection Cheese Bar. Their cheeses are known throughout the city, especially their signature raclette cheese, and you can order an a la carte platter of delicious cheeses and cold cuts directly to your door.

They also serve a range of healthy gourmet salads that are lovingly prepared and absolutely delicious so nobody needs to worry about ruining their diet. To really push the boat out, you can even get the perfect wine to pair with your cheeses delivered to your door, and if you're feeling celebratory, you can even spring for a bottle of champagne! What's more, Wine Connection Cheese Bar ensures that their menu comes with a very friendly price tag, so you can throw the perfect posh party without the extortionate cost.

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Where: Wine Connection Cheese Bar, 11 Union Street, Robertson Walk, Singapore.

Now you have the three perfect ingredients for your next big bash. No matter if you're throwing a raging party, low-key gathering or a fancy wine and cheese night, we have you covered.

So what are you waiting for? Make the party playlist and send those invites out! Deliveroo can take care of the rest.

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