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  2. Here’s How Marmalade Pantry And Others Have Cracked Singapore’s Nuttiest Innovations!
Nutty Innovations In Singapore From Marmalade Pantry And More

Here’s How Marmalade Pantry And Others Have Cracked Singapore’s Nuttiest Innovations!

Packed full of protein and deliciously crunchy too, nuts make for the perfect ingredient in all kinds of dishes. Superb in salads and delicious in desserts, they also play a big role in all sorts of cuisines including Thai, Indian and many more besides. In Singapore many chefs in places like Marmalade Pantry are really starting to come out of their shells when it comes to putting these flavour-filled nuggets in their dishes. The results are all there for you to taste in food that's been elevated up to a whole new level. Here are just five of our favourites. Give them a try – we think you'll go nuts for them too.

1. Spicy Crabmeat Pasta - Marmalade Pantry

You might not guess it from the name but Marmalade Pantry is an Italian restaurant, not Paddington's kitchen cupboard. Their clever use of nuts comes in the way that they pair jumbo and lump crabmeat with fragrant pine nuts to really enhance the fresh, bright flavours of the dish. These are further accentuated by the addition of fresh tomatoes and chilli that warms but doesn't overpower.

2. Beef Bowl - Arbite

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You'll get your nuts on the side with this superb dish from those menu-meisters at Arbite. That's because they come in the form of a light and fresh pea shoot and peanut salad that makes the perfect foil to the main event: a finely sliced and lightly seared beef steak served with onions fried to a state of soft and yielding loveliness. This is accompanied by mushrooms, yuzu sauce, delicately-scented truffle-infused rice and a poached egg making a bowl that truly delivers.

3. Ikan Bilis and Peanuts Sachet - Lee and Wee Brothers

For the uninitiated, ikan bilis is a variety of anchovy that is widely used in Malaysian and Indonesian cuisine and it's a real speciality of Lee and Wee Brothers too. They serve it as a side dish, as its powerful flavour makes it the perfect accompaniment to their steamed otah dishes and selection of lunch boxes. The peanuts that come with it also make for a very satisfying crunch.

4. Pistachio Ice Cream - Scoop Therapy

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Pistachio is one of the premium flavours at Scoop Therapy and just one taste will soon show you why. The rich and sweet creaminess of the ice cream works beautifully well with the more savoury flavours of the pistachios to create an altogether more sophisticated kind of dessert. In fact, it's just the kind of therapy that we like best of all.

5. Hazelnut Crunch Delight - Kraftwich By Swissbake

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To round things off, another crunchy sweet treat. This time it's Kraftwich By Swissbake bringing in the goods, with a light vanilla sponge carefully layered with an airy chocolate mousse that is studded with hazelnut pieces. There's a surprise in every mouthful and, as one of their Signature cakes, you know it's got to be good. So dive in, this one is a real a nutty pleasure.

We're going nuts for nuts! We hope you will be too when Deliveroo delivers.

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