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Say Goodbye to Plates and Say Aloha to Poke Bowls

Say goodbye to plates and aloha to poke bowls

Choosing what to eat for lunch can sometimes be a chore. Making sure you get a healthy meal that gives you energy for the rest of the day whilst also being tasty isn't always easy. Fear not, these Poke bowls have come over from Hawaii and they are taking over Singapore, adding excitement to everyone's lunch times, so let's look at some of the best Poke bowls you can get today.

1. Keiki Poke Bowl

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The Keiki Poke Bowl from Pololi is a delicious lunchtime treat that you can build yourself. It comes with 150g of fish and you can pick and choose the base you want, dressings and the poke. No more picking through to avoid the bits you don't really like or wishing that you had some extras to add to the flavour. Choose from a base of either white or brown rice or salad, then choose your poke from a range of changing flavours such as Traditional Spicy, Thai Sweet Chilli or Wasabi Mayo, and add in some sides like edamame, seaweed or tofu. You'll love each and every bite of this delicious bowl!

Where: Pololi, Telok Ayer Street, Singapore

2. Aloha Poke's Standard Nalu Salmon

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The Poke bowls over at Aloha Poke are a superfood haven. All their Poke bowls are served with generous portions of rice and salad, you choose your own Poke from a choice of flavours like original, spicy, wasabi or mayo, and is topped with scallions, pineapple and lime. The Standard Nalu Salmon comes with a salmon poke (approximately 75g of poke) with all of the trimmings for a refreshing and flavoursome meal which will keep you coming back for more.

Where: Aloha Poke, Amoy Street, Singapore

3. Makai Poke Bowl

The Makai Poke bowls served over at Makai Poke are filled with the most delicious goodies and are guaranteed to keep hunger locked away for hours. Each bowl comes with a rice or salad base, your choice of Poke: spicy salmon, original salmon, tofu sesame, sesame ahi tuna or soy ahi tuna, and packed full of greens, avocado, Japanese cucumbers, carrots, cherry tomatoes, pineapple, salmon roe, and topped off with Makai's own garnish and a lemon wedge. They are bound to be a regular addition to your lunch breaks.

Where: Makai Poke, Wallich Street, Singapore

4. Yakitori Style Chicken and Leek with Onsen Egg

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Contrary to popular belief, Japanese food doesn't always have to be about sushi. The Poke bowls served at Katto are like other Poke places as they allow you to build your own meal and are served with their own Poke bowl with a Japanese twist: The Yakitori Style Chicken and Leek with Onsen Egg and One Side. The name of the dish pretty much sums it up. Like their other Pokes, they come with the regular choice of base but instead of fish comes with delicious Yakitori style chicken. The leek and onsen egg add to the flavours and the combination of Hawaiian and Japanese dishes work very well together to give you a yummy meal you won't forget in a hurry.

Where: Katto, Fusionopolis Place, Singapore

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