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Singapore’s Milk Puddings

Singapore’s milk puddings – delicious desserts from childhood

There's nothing quite like a dessert to take you back to childhood in an instant, and one that does that without fail is a simple but perfectly cooked milk pudding.

Singapore's eateries have a host of different milk puddings available, from the simplest dish through to ones that feature extra textures and flavours. If you want to go on a milk pudding odyssey, you're in the right place here in Singapore.

1. Milk pudding hot or cold

At Dessert Story, you can order a milk pudding hot or cold. This is milk pudding at its simplest level but that's what makes it so great to eat. It's a mix of eggs, milk, and vanilla, cooked and then left to set. As it can be eaten hot or cold, it's the perfect conclusion to any meal.

2. Almond cream with egg white

Milk puddings are often made with different ingredients such as nuts, and the almond cream pudding at It's Dessert by Old Hong Kong is a great example. This exquisitely smooth pudding has a delicate almond flavour and the egg white makes it silky smooth.

3. Mango cream with pomelo and mango pudding

Mango always makes a dessert special and mango cream with pomelo is no exception. It's made by boiling sago and then mixing the sago with a blend of mango, evaporated milk, milk, and coconut milk. The pomelo is added at the end, for decoration as much as for any other purpose. Usually, the dish is served chilled as it brings out all the subtle flavours contained within it. This is one of the signature dishes at LingZhi Vegetarian – Novena.

4. Turkish rice pudding

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If you like your milky puddings with a little texture to them, then you have to try the Turkish Rice Pudding at Sofra Turkish Café and Restaurant. Rice pudding is a dish that almost every cuisine has its own version of but, basically, it's a mix of rice, milk, and sugar that's either boiled or baked and then served hot or cold. Often, the Turkish version is flavoured with rosewater or cinnamon and is either sweetened with sugar or pekmez. This is a syrup made from grape must, a substance a little like molasses.

5. Coconut custard

Coconut is a perfect way to end the meal on a refreshing note, and the Coconut Custard at Saigon Bistro is cooling and delicately flavoured. Made in-house at this Vietnamese restaurant, it's served cold and topped with fresh coconut milk.

6. Gula Malacca soymilk with pearl

Selegie Soyabean specialises in different Asian desserts but our pick for some milky bliss is the Gula Malacca Soymilk with Pearl.  This sensational soymilk drink is sweetened with Gula Malacca but, when you order, you can specify exactly what sweetness level you want - from "zero" through to "more". it really depends on just how sweet a tooth you have! The pearls of sago add an interesting twist of texture to this dessert drink.

Want a pudding that takes you back to your youth? Then pick one of the many milk puddings you can order at Deliveroo.

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