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Spice up your breakfast with some real Mexican food

Mexican food for breakfast? Sounds like a spicy idea!

Do you sometimes feel like your mornings could do with a little pepping up? Are breakfast menus a little low on inspiration for you? Do you think that a hint of spice could be all you need to get you leaping out of bed? Then here's an off-the-wall suggestion for you. Add some Mexican food to your early morning regime and you'll be prepped, primed and ready for the day ahead. We've put together five tasty suggestions for you from bagels to burritos – so make it a Mexican today!

1. Pulled Pork Burrito, Craftsmen

They're called Craftsmen and when you see how they put together a Pulled Pork Burrito you'll soon see why. It's lovingly crafted with pork that's cooked low and slow, cheddar and mozzarella cheeses, salsa, avocado, baked beans and cabbage, all wrapped up in a soft tortilla. Breakfast really has never been so indulgent, or so very delicious. If you'd prefer an even meatier start to your day then the Beef Burrito is just as amazing too.

2. Spanish Scramble, Clinton Street Baking Co.

The Clinton Street Baking Co's variation on the classic huevos rancheros is a rare treat indeed. A trio of perfectly-cooked eggs are joined by spicy chorizo sausage, tomatoes, caramelised onions, melted Monterey Jack cheese, spring onions and hash browns. There's even a slice of beautiful sourdough on the side. It's perfect for dipping in the sauce and it's the ideal finishing touch to a true breakfast of champions.

3. Roast Jalapeno and Cream Cheese Bagel, Sacha & Sons

Bagels and cream cheese is always good idea for started a weekend✨🍩🥪

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Sacha & Sons have taken that classic New York diner staple - the bagel - and given it their own special Mexican twist. They've roasted spicy jalapeno peppers to bring out all their natural sweetness and paired them with cooling cream cheese to create a unique combination of flavours. Even the bagel is pretty special. That's because they hand make each one in the traditional way – rolling, simmering and baking them till golden brown and 100% delicious.

4. Quinoa & Avocado Wrap, Jones The Grocer

Here's proof that you can combine a Mexican-style start to the day with a super-healthy one, courtesy of Jones The Grocer. It's a tantalising veggie mix of the super grain, quinoa, with the food of the moment, avocado. Red beans, rocket, hummus and feta are all in the mix too, along with a special yoghurt and avocado dressing. Start the day with one of these and you'll soon be feeling rocket powered!

5. Huevos Rancheros Burrito, Baja Fresh Mexican Grill

If you fancy another way of enjoying the classic huevos rancheros then Baja Fresh Mexican Grill most surely have the answer. They scramble the eggs and wrap them in a soft burrito along with beans, chilli sauce, onions and cilantro. For an even more carb-packed start to the day, their Breakfast Burrito also has their own special potato recipe, Baja papas. It's delicious.

Take a trip south of the border today with a brilliant Mexican breakfast. There's plenty of choice with Deliveroo.

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