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5 Mexican Desserts To Die For

Mexican desserts that deserve more than a second look

Burritos, tacos enchiladas – all very well known Mexican specialities. But what the country's cuisine is less well known for is its desserts. Maybe that's because after a true Mexican feast you just don't have room for another thing. But that's no reason not to go the extra mile and round the meal off with something sweet and delicious after all that spicy food.

But what to choose, especially when you think that choice may be limited? Well, we're here to guide you towards some delicious dessert and superb sweets from local Mexican restaurants that will have you throwing your sombrero into the air. Here we go...!

1. Churros

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In case you've never heard of them before, churros are the Spanish/Mexican equivalent of the doughtnut and, for our money, they're much more delicious too, especially the way that Mex Out makes them. First, they take long strips of dough and deep-fry them, then they dip them in sugar and finally they serve them with a rich chocolate sauce that works beautifully with the warm, sweet and soft churros.

2. Pastel de Maiz

Sweetcorn, or maize, has long been a staple in Mexican food, think corn tortillas for example, but some of you would not have guessed that it also features in desserts. That's what makes this great end to any meal from Super Loco and such an unusual treat. It's a sweet pudding that's made all the sweeter thanks to the dulce de leche sauce – a sort of extra runny toffee caramel made from boiled sugar and milk. So it's certainly not the dessert for you if you're on a diet – but it's a very good reason to cheat!

3. De Chocolat 

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Equally enticing is De Chocolat from GO LOCO by Lucha Loco. You might be surprised to learn that chocolate was cultivated by the Aztecs in ancient Mexico. In fact, some recipes for chilli con carne even include some cocoa. So it's only logical that it also features in this dessert which is a pistachio and walnut brownie served with chocolate sauce to create a rich a richly satisfying conclusion to any meal.

4. Jarritos

Of course, it may well be that you're simply too full to even consider tackling a dessert... in which case, one of Superitto's jarittos could be the answer. These are refreshing Mexican sodas that come in three flavours, guava, mandarin and cola and provide a novel twist on the normal soft drinks normally on the menu.

5. Yogurt Granola Pot

Of course, if you've had an extra spicy meal it could be time to turn to the soothing powers of yoghurt, famous for being able to take the heat out of chillies. At the Baja Fresh Mexican Grill, there's the choice of the blueberry or strawberry yoghurt pot with extra granola to add some sweetness and crunch.

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