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Singapore's Best Italian Meat Feast Pizzas

On the hunt for Singapore’s mightiest meat feast pizza

Let's face it, when those hunger pangs really start to hit, there's few things that will resolve the situation better than a hot, cheesy and calorific pizza all to yourself. Pizza is perfect for pretty much any situation, whether sharing with friends during a casual night at home or at an upscale Italian restaurant, pizza always works, and chances are you'll be satisfied no matter how hungry you are.

Luckily, this island has you covered, with the number of top-notch pizza joints in Singapore growing by the day. A pizza which tastes great and is good value is pretty hard to beat, even more so when it comes to the king of all pizzas, the Meat Feast, which is always a stellar choice just for the sheer variety and volume you always seem to get. That's not to say there's no such thing as a bad meat feast pizza, but luckily I've used my years of experience to figure out Singapore's best ones, so you don't have to!

1. Meat Lover Pizza - Socks and Pans

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The intriguingly-named Socks and Pans has been serving up highly inventive and waistline-stretching pizzas for a long time, and their meat lover pizza, lovingly nicknamed the 'Brawnz' pizza by the S&P team, does not disappoint. The formidable pie comes topped off with the classic pepperoni, sausage and ham, then blindsides you with generous helpings of smoky Wagyu beef, and sizzling jalapenos to round it off. They make this bad boy in two sizes, large and extra-large, with the latter coming in a whopping 18 inches. You'd be hard-pressed to find a better pizza like this in SG.

2. Meat Muncher - Pezzo

Over to the fun-loving pizza pros at Pezzo now, who love gut-busting pizzas as much as they love alliteration. Their Meat Muncher is just that and comes topped off with a hefty smorgasbord of meaty goodness, including - deep breath - ground beef, turkey ham, Italian sausage, pepperoni and turkey bacon. What's not to like? Their signature black crusts also make this place a stellar Instagram-friendly option as an added bonus.

3. Joey's Meatlover Pizza - Central Perk Café

You might not be expecting a themed café based around a much-beloved U.S. sitcom from the '90s to have much to offer in terms of perfect pizzas. Surprisingly, Central Perk Café knocks it out of the park, serving up a formidable meat feast whilst allowing us to reminisce about our favourite Friends characters. Joey's Meatlover Pizza, named for the character whose arguably defining trait was a love for pizza, lives up to the namesake and then some, coming adorned with country ham, BBQ turkey, pulled pork and fresh pineapple. How you doin'?

4. Meat Lover - Limoncello Pizza & Grill

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Time to ramp up the class factor a notch after that last one, which brings us to elegant and popular lunch crowd spot Limoncello for a lighter spin on the classic meat feast. Their Meat Lover comes on a base which has been done classic Neopolitan style: thin, chewy and comforting. Pretty stripped back compared to our previous frontrunners, being topped with ham, bacon and spicy salami, but the ingredients are first place in terms of quality, and a good choice if you're looking for something a little more refined.

The hunt for the right pizza can be a struggle, but luckily you can get the best ones in Singapore delivered straight to your front door with Deliveroo!

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