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  2. Here's a bunch of exciting lunch ideas featuring Vietnamese food and more
From Vietnamese to fresh pasta - Let’s lunch different

Here's a bunch of exciting lunch ideas featuring Vietnamese food and more

Don't let your lunchtimes just come and go without you really even noticing. After all, it's a fantastic chance to break up your day with some exciting flavours and cuisines. So if you're still a bit of a novice with Vietnamese food, this is the ideal opportunity to give it a go. Or maybe you and your friends or co-workers are big Thai restaurant fans. Then why not get together for a tasty treat or two? Or you might just want to lunch al fresco with a great bowl of pasta. No problem at all – we have the perfect solutions for all these and more.

1. Give Vietnamese a go


Make your first port of call Pho Stop where they'll be more than delighted to introduce you to a true staple of Vietnamese food – the Pho. This is a fantastic mix of soup and noodles that's light enough for lunch but really filling too. As you'd expect, there are lots of varieties to choose from at a restaurant with this name but the pick of the dishes is surely the Sliced Ribeye served in chicken or beef broth.

2. Try a spicy Thai


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If you think that Thai food is all spicy curries and stir-fries with rice or noodles, then you could be in for a surprise with this fruity treat. The Spicy Mango Salad from Thai Express is another perfect lunchtime dish that will give you all the get-up-and-go you need to see you through the rest of the day. The fresh green mango is tossed in palm-sugar sauce with fresh chillies and peanuts to create a sweet and spicy treat.

3. Check out a classic bento box


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Bento's always a very popular choice for a midday meal. After all, it offers you a great variety of ingredients to pop into your lunchbox and there aren't many that are quite as tasty as the Black Pepper Chicken With Oat Rice Bento Box from QQ Rice. Made to be lower in calories and packed with whole grains, there's lettuce, sesame, broccoli, sweetcorn and sambal chilli not to mention, of course, black pepper chicken.

4. Enjoy an al fresco treat

In Italy they virtually invented the concept of al fresco eating so it stands to reason that we'd choose a classic pasta dish for you to enjoy out in the open air. Sample Real Food's Organic Mushroom Olio Aglio and you'll be able to savour the fresh flavours of a fruity olive oil, garlic, oregano and parsley.

5. Share a pizza with a difference

If you think that a whole pizza might be a bit much for a lunchtime then here's one that would be perfect to split with friends. What's more, it gives you the chance to enjoy a little fusion food, courtesy of Watami Japanese Casual Restaurant. The Wafu Pizza features a thin crust topped with pork and teriyaki chicken - and it's so tasty it's sure to be a big talking point for you all at lunchtime!

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