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  2. Sushi in Singapore: 3 restaurants that will satisfy your sushi cravings
Sushi in Singapore: 3 Restaurants That Will Satisfy Your Sushi Cravings

Sushi in Singapore: 3 restaurants that will satisfy your sushi cravings

Whoever thought that raw fish and rice would become a global sensation? It's true though, hailing from its native Japan, sushi has grown from strength to strength in recent years, and there is no looking back.

The traditional combination of raw fish, sushi rice, perhaps with seaweed and vegetables too, is a favourite across the world, due to its healthy ingredients, versatility and attractive appearance. With Singapore surrounded by the sea, it is no wonder that the sushi scene in the city is taking off.

1. Sakae Sushi

There are so many amazing sushi restaurants in Singapore to treat yourself from, it's hard to know where to start. Sakae Sushi's variety of sushi definitely earns a place on the list though. The business has now become a successful chain, with branches across Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, China, the Philippines and Indonesia. There is definitely something special about Sakae. The company prides itself for its good value sushi, as well as proving to be a healthy choice, with their sushi rice packed full of Vitamin E, which is vital for protecting your immune system, as well as your skin. Sushi types available to you include everything from Nigiri, Inari and Gunkan, to Maki and Aburi.

2. Kazoku Japanese Cuisine

Coming to you from the Novena area of Singapore, the unassuming Kazoku Japanese Cuisine restaurant is a great place for classic Japanese food, and of course, sushi is a big part of that. With the business being a family one, the idea of Kazoku is to bring all the Japanese favourites to you, without breaking the bank. They have certainly achieved that too. The dishes are worth the prices, which are in fact very reasonable. Offering an extensive choice of sushi, particularly Maki and Special Maki, you can get a taste of dishes like the Aburi Mentai Roll. A sushi lover's heaven, the Special Maki includes salmon, crab meat, fish roe and mentaiko sauce. Also on the menu are handrolls and a variety of classic sushi such as unagi, all of which come with vinegared rice.

3. Watami Japanese Dining

Watami Japanese Dining is located in the futuristic Star Vista shopping centre and serves up all kinds of food hailing from Japanese cuisine, sushi being one of them. If you are in the area, then treat yourself to some Gunkan sushi, Unagi or salmon and avocado roll. If you are a sushi superfan, then the special assorted sushi platter is for you. The dish consists of pretty much every kind of seafood you could possibly want in sushi. How does salmon, tuna, shrimp, unagi, scallop, surf clam and salmon roe sound?

With all this fantastic sushi in Singapore, it's time to experience the epitome of Japanese cuisine without the effort. Deliveroo can bring the finest sushi right to your door, ideal for if you have a busy schedule, or fancy a relaxed meal with your family.

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