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The 4 Finest Japanese Restaurants in Singapore

Get Your Teriyaki On - Japanese Restaurants At Their Finest

From sushi to katsu, fresh catch tuna to Kobe beef, Japanese food is world renowned for its tastes, flavours and innovative techniques. Whether you're one for raw fish or cooked, white rice or udon noodles, this is one cuisine won't let you down when it comes to a hungry stomach.

Its menu is varied, deep and absolutely delicious, and it's all on offer right here in Singapore. Japanese newbie? No worries. Seasoned veteran? Even better. Here are four of the city's best and brightest Japanese dishes for you to peruse at your leisure.    

1. Salmon Sashimi

Sushi is the unequivocal Japanese food – at least in terms of its place on the international stage. Consisting of raw, high grade fish on a base of rice, each bite is a delicate mouthful of goodness from the sea. If you're looking to get your hands on some stunning sushi here in Singapore, then look no further than Sushi Tei – their mastery of the dish is in the name. Get your mouth watering with a starter of salted edamame beans or chuka wakame (seaweed, to the non-Japanese speakers out there). Then choose from one of the many rolls, sashimi, nigiri and maki on offer. How does Salmon Sashimi sound? Simple, delicious and succinctly Japanese. Other than that, they've got tempura, soba noodle ramen and don. These dishes are all traditional Japanese handcrafted and professionally made. Choose your fillings, choose your flavour, then chow down sushi in plates of two to six till you can chew no more.    


2. The Nagahama Ramen Set

Need a quick and tasty lunch? Affordable and yet delicious? The Ramen Centre by IPPUDO is your new best friend. Their Nagahama Ramen set comes with either a side of fragrant, steamy Japanese curry or a plate of mini tendons. This is one seriously filling dish, the broth alone could sate an appetite. Noodles, pork chashu slices and veggies all combine to create a simple but tasteful bowl. Get your spoon and get your chopsticks – it's ramen time.  

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3. Brown Rice and Chicken Thigh

Yakitori, greens and sharing plates – MOJO offers up a range of Japanese platters at their finest. Their skewered chicken comes in a dozen flavours whilst their signature bowls host a range of unique combos and their grain bowls could satisfy even the most studious of healthy eaters. Tucked away in Chinatown, this restaurant is a must for the curious who aren't into sushi – Japanese food is so much more than that signature raw fish plate, and you can try some of it here. Next time you're around, try the Brown Rice and Chicken Thigh. It comes on a plate of wood ear salad with wok fried cauliflower and broccoli - scrumptious.

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4. Teriyaki

Take yourself down to Bugis - JK Don awaits with chicken teriyaki, beef teriyaki, salmon and tempura - their take on the iconic sticky sauce will cover, soak and please your taste buds to no end in a drizzle of sweet goodness. This is definitely the recommended plate. Alternatives include kimchi stew, a variety of don bowls (including bibimbap pork and pork cutlet) or a plate of soft shell crab. This menu is a real mix of Korean and Japanese inspirations and that's what makes it so delicious and extensive. Wash it down with an Asian grape or peach soda, maybe a lemon ice tea, and rest assured in the knowledge that you've done your stomach a favour.  

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