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Get into Gyoza, the Hottest New Japanese Food Trend in Town

Get with the new Japanese dining trend and go for gyoza

Gorgeous gyoza. They're the tender little half-moon-shaped dumplings you may have come across on lots of Japanese restaurants' menus but haven't got around to ordering yet. But if you want to get with the latest eating trend, it's time you do just that. The standard preparation method is to fry them on one side to create a crispy shell and then gently steam them to puff them up into bite-sized treats. Traditionally served as appetisers, they also make for the perfect alternative to sushi, especially if you're not the biggest fan of fish. So maybe it's time to go for gyoza – we promise that you've a real treat in store whichever of these four suggestions you choose.

1. Shichimi-Su Kani Gyoza - Gyoza Ya

You'll find that all gyoza are typically filled with a minced combination of vegetables and meat or seafood. This creates a tantalising combination of flavours and textures and one of the very best examples we've found is this superb dish from Gyoza Ya. The plump dumpling shells are filled with soft and richly-flavoured Red King Crab and are then drizzled with a tart and spicy Japanese vinegar. The contrast between the sweet crab meat and the more acidic tones of the vinegar is like a marriage made - if not in heaven - in Osaka, at least!

2. Potato Gyoza - Sushi Tei

Agemono is a Japanese cooking style that involves deep frying and it's used to amazing effect in this dish from Sushi Tei. It's also unusual in that potato is not a  widely-used vegetable in Japanese dishes, but here it helps to make these into quite a substantial starter. It's combined with tomato, chicken and pork to create tasty little morsels that are supremely satisfying. There are six per serving so if you combine them with some other finger food dishes from the menu they'll be brilliant as part of a tapas-style meal.

3. Gyoza Yaki - Nara Japanese Restaurant

At Nara Japanese Restaurant they pan fry their Gyoza Yaki in the teppanyaki style and the result is a crispy little dumpling pillow that's packed with lightly-spiced pork. It's proof that, when you cook simple ingredients well, the results can be just as satisfying as more complex dishes. If you're ordering these then consider adding some sake too. It's the traditional drink to accompany gyoza and the restaurant has a great selection on offer.

4. Pulled Chicken Gyoza - Let's Meat Up

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As you could guess from the name, they're big on meat at Let's Meat Up so you can expect the tastiest and juiciest chicken inside their Pulled Chicken & Vegetables Gyoza. The chicken has been marinated in their special blend of spices and slow-roasted before being pulled instead of the traditional mincing. Mixed with a number of different vegetables and pan fried, it's the perfect introduction to the glory of gyoza.

Isn't it time you joined the gyoza fan club? Let Deliveroo introduce you to these tasty little Japanese delights.

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