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  2. How to make more of your night of ‘amore’, courtesy of Wine Connection and others
5 Wonderful Valentine’s Ideas From Wine Connection And More

How to make more of your night of ‘amore’, courtesy of Wine Connection and others

February 14th. It's the night when love abounds, or "l'amore" if you're feeling a little Italian. And why wouldn't you be? It's a country renowned for passion and romance so what better way to share your feelings than by creating a truly Italian theme for the evening. After all, there is a great choice of Italian restaurants in Singapore, including many that are truly world-class.

You and your loved one can be transported at a stroke to Rome or Venice, Naples or Milan to enjoy some traditional Italian hospitality as you gaze into each other's eyes across a candlelit table. We've come up with five top suggestions for Valentine's treats from all around Singapore. All will be certain to make the evening go perfectly and leave you both in a romantic reverie.

1. Valdo Prosecco Extra Dry - Wine Connection

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How better to start the evening off than with a refreshing glass of fizz brought to you by the connoisseurs at Wine Connection. They have many fine vintages in their cellars but this is the pick of their Italian sparkling wines. It comes from the Veneto region in the north east of the country. Its light and fruity bouquet and slightly sweet aftertaste make it a perfectly balanced prosecco to suit all palates and set the romance in motion.

2. Tagliere Misto - Bottega Tanjong Katong

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Tagliere misto, or mixed cuts, is a classic antipasto that you'll find all over the country. But few lay out their sharing spread as beautifully as Tanjong Katong. A selection of rich cooked and cured meats accompanied by deep-flavoured traditional Italian cheeses: this is the ideal dish to divide and conquer with your Valentine's date, sampling a little something from one of the most vibrant and varied cuisines there are. Perfection.

3. Gorgonzola Fichi e Prosciutto - Pizza Fabbrica

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Pizza may not seem like the perfect dish for a Valentine's celebration, but sample this luxurious version from Pizza Fabrica and you may want to reconsider your opinion. It really is a gourmet choice with sweet, fresh figs, walnut pieces, gorgonzola cheese and the finest parma ham, all of which combine to create a truly sophisticated experience.

4. Al Pomodoro e Basilico - Pasta Fresca

They say that the very best of Italian cuisine consists of the finest ingredients, simply prepared. This is a philosophy that is certainly borne out by this pasta dish from Pasta Fresca. It's an exquisite combination of San Marzano tomatoes, garlic, basil and vegetables and is positively bursting with flavour.

5. Chocolate Parfait - Salvos 46 Restaurant and Bar

To end the meal on the kind of high note an Italian opera soprano would be proud to reach, the Chocolate Parfait from Salvos 46 Restaurant and Bar would be perfect. Served cold, this dessert is a huge step up from gelato, with a smooth chocolatey core that is not just worthy of your romantic night in but essential to it. Need we say more?

Introduce a little Italian romance into your Valentine's night, brought to you by Deliveroo.

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