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The Best Italian Antipasti And Platters In Singapore

Have a natter around a platter - The best Italian antipasti and platters in Singapore

From pizza to pasta and everything in between, the Italians sure know how to make really great food. There's something about sitting around a table with great company and awesome food and just tucking into an Italian feast. Antipasti and platters are the perfect way to do this, they allow you to dive right in and eat some finger food while you wait for your main course or simply between bites of your meal. Here, we'll be exploring the best antipasti and platters you can get your hands on from the finest Italian eateries in Singapore.

1. Motorino's Meatballs - Motorino Pizzeria

Much like pasta, seafood and pizza, the Italians know how to make a mean meatball. The Motorino's Meatballs made over at Motorino Pizzeria are soaking in delicious braised tomato sauce and served with pecorino and basil. They are a great way to kick off your meal with a bang and get your fingers a little bit messy, though make sure you order a couple of these for the table as they taste so good they won't be around for long!

2. Tagliere di Salumi - Pasta Fresca

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Cold cuts are the best addition to any antipasti, so be sure to check out the Tagliere di Salumi from Pasta Fresca. This platter is made up of authentic Italy-imported gourmet cold cuts to give you the best meats to add to your meal. They are ideal for sharing with friends and family and are sure to become a regular addition to your order.

3. Antipasto All'Italiana - Trattoria Cucina

For the mother of all antipasti that has enough to feed a small army then look no further than the Antipasto All'Italiana over at Trattoria Cucina. This beast of a platter includes yummy treats such as Parma ham, salami, mortadella, black olives and a great selection of cheeses. No matter what your tastes may be, there is something for everyone on this platter.

4. Bruschetta Al Pomodoro - Capricci

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An Italian meal without some bruschetta just doesn't feel right, so you must be sure to add the Bruschetta Al Pomodoro from Capricci to your next order. This toasted bread comes with fresh tomato cubes, seasoned olive oil, garlic and basil for a bite-sized snack which never lets you down. It is one of the most popular dishes on the menu, so see for yourself what all the fuss is about and add this to your next order!

These Italian antipasti platters are the perfect addition to any gathering with family or friends. They are great to eat in between conversations and delicious main meals and they're all so tasty you'll wish they never end! Make it your mission to try out all of these tasty antipasti to take your Italian meals to the next level.

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