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Match your meal to your mood with these Indonesian menu options

The best Indonesian food to suit every mood

Everybody loves Asian food, right? Japanese, Chinese, and Vietnamese are all popular! Well, what about Indonesian? Blending beautiful spices with unique flavours and the freshest of ingredients, it tastes, looks, and smells utterly amazing, with its trademark dishes guaranteed to delight.

It offers an incredible amount of variety too. With numerous options available, the menus of Indonesian eateries are typically packed with everything from sweet treats through to salty starters, savoury mains, and more.

This means that it's uniquely well-suited to every situation imaginable. Got a date? No problem – just go for a sharer. Want a quiet night in with a movie? Then choose some savoury comfort food to see you through.   

1. For sharing

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We meant it when we said that there's an Indonesian dish to suit every day of the week, so let's start by imagining that you're spending a Saturday evening at home with your friends. You've got a bottle or two of wine in, a film all set to play, but before you move onto them, you need a suitably impressive meal to share with your guests. We have just the ticket – the Deluxe 3 Pax Set from Coba Coba. Combining an array of authentic Indonesian favourites, including ikan goreng batang, sambal sotong, and ikan kering, it's sure to have everyone reaching for seconds.    

2. To eat alone after a long day

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The name may be misleading, but Bali Thai is another amazing eatery that serves up fantastic Indonesian inspired cuisine. Offering a menu that blends elements from both Indonesia and Thailand, its dishes are fabulously tasty and all freshly cooked too. Their Ayam Goreng appetiser is particularly perfect after a long day, especially if you order it with some Steamed Rice on the side. Put your comfy clothes on, curl up in front of the telly, and chow down on this truly delicious grub.

3. When payday is just around the corner

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Let's be honest, 'waiting for payday' is a mood in itself. When cash is tight and your next paycheque tantalisingly out of reach, you have to think about economising, but your belly doesn't always get the message. Luckily, it doesn't have to, because Indonesian inspired Banyan Ayam Penyet has plenty of delicious meal choices to pick from, and none of them will break the bank. The best of the best is their Nasi Dory Penyet, a dish consisting of fried boneless dory fish served with sambal, cucumber, pappadum and much, much more.

4. When you're in the mood to celebrate

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Widely acclaimed as the best Indonesian restaurant in Singapore, Tambuah Mas is the place you need to order from when you're in the mood to celebrate. Serving beautiful, fresh, and authentic cuisine from Padang, Sulawesi, and Java, they are one of the oldest and most established eateries in Singapore, and use closely guarded family recipes to make their fantastically tasty dishes. Our favourite is their Tahu Telor, which consists of cubed and fried beancurd and eggs, topped with spicy-sweet dark sauce and cucumber. It really does taste utterly divine!      

Deliveroo is proud to provide the best takeaways in town. Why not try one of these delicious dishes today to uplift your mood and make it a good one?

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