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A Healthy Salads Week From Salad Stop And More In Singapore

How To Start A Week Of Healthy Eating With Salad Stop And More

There's something about eating a salad that's uniquely life-affirming. Sure, a pizza or a burger may satisfy a big hunger, but when you eat a salad it really feels like you're taking care of yourself, not to mention helping you to feel super-virtuous too.

The great news is that there are plenty of veggie takeaways in Singapore whose menus are positively bursting with tasty treats that are packed with vitamins and other good things. The even better news is that there are lots of options for meat eaters too so everyone can enjoy a salad every day of the week.

Maybe energy-rich ones are best for a Monday when you need all the get-up and go you need for the week ahead, with an extra-indulgent one as a reward for when you get to Friday. The mid-week lull of a Wednesday is positively calling out for interesting ingredients and flavours to give you a bit of a lift.

So here are five suggestions that are well worth a try. Why not sample them all and pick out your personal top three?

1. Monday - Summer Fling from Salad Stop

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Enjoy a great start to the week with what has to be one of the best salads in Singapore thanks to Salad Stop's amazing combination of fresh ingredients that will give you that real urge to get up and go. These include crunchy romaine lettuce and kale, quinoa, grilled tofu, carrots, sweetcorn and mango. Then pomelo and lime give it a zesty freshness to put a real pep in your step.

2. Tuesday - Caesar Panzanella from Dome Café

If you're looking to liven up your Tuesday you'll find that this classic salad is given a novel twist by Dome Café  with the inclusion of chunks of Italian artisanal bread instead of the usual croutons, along with streaky bacon, tomatoes, lettuce and thinly-shaved parmesan all covered in the classic Caesar dressing.

3. Wednesday - Green Papaya Salad from Om Nom

We've all experienced that midweek lull that positively calls for taste sensations. Look no further than the fresh and zingy Green Papaya Salad from Om Nom. It's alive with Thai flavours including ginger, lemongrass and galangal. Perfect for when you need more than a bit of a lift on a slow Wednesday.

4. Thursday - Mango Prawn Salad, Eat Play Love Café

The weekend's finally in sight, so get ready for fun with this super succulent salad from Eat Play Love Café. Big, juicy prawns are paired with equally juicy mango along with fine strips of carrot and mixed greens. Everything is then doused in a lemongrass dressing which transforms it into a truly exceptional salad – and one of the menu's most popular dishes.

5. Friday - Chargrilled Sirloin Caesar Salad from Hot Tomato

Hot Tomato are famous for their grills and this is a brilliant way to mark the end of a busy week. Prime sirloin steak is cooked medium rare and thinly sliced before being added to lettuce, tomato and croutons and dressed in a tangy sauce. Filling and just the thing to get you going before a night out. Let the partying commence!

If you're sucker for a good salad, no matter what day of the week is, then leave it to Deliveroo.

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