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  2. The path to true enlightenment begins with a healthy breakfast
4-Step Healthy Breakfast That’s Sure to Lift Your Spirit

The path to true enlightenment begins with a healthy breakfast

At Deliveroo we believe a healthy breakfast isn't simply the most important meal of the day: it should be perfectly balanced too. Because it's only by achieving true harmony in what you eat and drink that you can ensure the rest of the day will progress just as well as you hope. It's a delicate combination that you're going to have to find, but don't worry, we've already done much of the groundwork for you. We've searched for the answers at some of the city's best vegetarian takeaways, so now all you have to do is follow our four steps to a very special kind of nirvana - the kind that can be only found in a healthy breakfast - and a day that will be full of energy and sunshine.

Step 1. Warm up with a floral tea

Ease yourself into the day with a refreshing cup of tea that will gently revive you from the sleep of the night before. There's no better recommendation that we can make than the Rose Floral Tea from SOD Café. It's just one in a range of teas on offer, but its sweet and flowery tones make it a restorative beverage that's sure to put an early morning spring in your step and more than just a lively glint in your eye.

Step 2. Cleanse with a green juice

They say that cleanliness is next to godliness – in which case our next suggestion is certain to restore you both physically and spiritually just as well as any drink you'll find. The Green Temptation from the breakfast experts at Harvest is just that: a heady mix of bitter gourd, sweet green apple, crunchy celery and sharp lemon from which you'll be eager to take your first sip! Taken together, these powerful ingredients combine to create a detoxing miracle that will leave you refreshed, cleansed and fully primed for the day ahead.

Step 3. Nourish the soul with eggs

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Many a wise philosopher has wondered which came first - the chicken or the egg. While we can't solve this age-old conundrum ourselves we do know that the egg is an essential part of a truly nourishing breakfast. And how better to enjoy one than as part of the famous Croque Madame from d'Good Cafe? Sweet brioche toast is combined with melting gruyere cheese and honey-baked ham, topped off with a freshly fried egg – sunny side up of course!

Step 4. Replenish with natural grains

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To be at one with the earth, it's essential to seek out some natural grains and other good things. Look no further than Kraftwich by Swissbake, where they take a standard muesli and elevate it to the sublime. Along with the rolled oats and grains, there are apples, blueberries, low-fat yoghurt and milk, which create the most perfectly balanced bowlful of Bircher Muesli imaginable. On the other hand, if you want to enjoy a little more crunch first thing in the morning then their Crunch Apple Granola is a real winner too.

Take away the stress and let the sun shine in on your breakfast routine - just leave it to Deliveroo.

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