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  2. Love American food? 3 spots in Singapore to enjoy the healthy way
Love American Food? 3 Spots In Singapore To Enjoy The Healthy Way

Love American food? 3 spots in Singapore to enjoy the healthy way

Burgers, buttermilk chicken and steak. Just a few of the mouth-watering foods that America does oh so well. Whilst these delicious dishes are perfect for a treat, or dinner out with friends and family, depending on what kind of food you order, they perhaps should be reserved for a special occasion, or when you are in need of some diner comforts, due to the nutrition values. Never fear though, you can still have classic American food on a regular basis, with plenty of spots in Singapore offering healthier options that are in keeping with the USA's much-loved cuisine.

1. Oriole Coffee + Bar

Do not be fooled by Oriole, it is far more than coffee. The cafe has a delectable menu, with healthy options inspired by great American food. Situated in the heart of the Orchard area, as well as in a newly opened second cafe in Capitol Piazza Neue, Oriole's menu will certainly keep you satisfied. In addition to the salads and pasta dishes which are piled up high with goodness, the Oriole classics section of the menu gives you your vegetable fix for the day, yet still with a variety of meat, which is popular in the American diet. Examples include southwestern chicken, served with kale and couscous, as well as St. Louis pork ribs which come with those all important greens.

2. P.S. Cafe

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P.S. Cafe are covering Singapore in their successful eateries, starting out in 1999 as a tiny cafe inside a clothes store. The good news is that wherever you are in the city, you'll most likely be able to get P.S. Cafe's delicious food to you in no time. The extensive menu has a fusion of American and Italian food, which go hand in hand, especially as the USA has developed its own version of Italian cuisine, what with the likes of New York pizza and mac 'n' cheese. If you are in need of a true health kick, then why not try the superfood salad? Blueberries, almonds and quinoa are all in there, as well as baked pumpkin, giving a nod to Thanksgiving. If you are still craving a pizza after this, the aptly-named Green Goddess gives you the classic pizza base, but with pure healthy goodness for the toppings, like broccoli, peas and spinach.

3. Erwin's Gastrobar

You'll love Erwin's Gastrobar if you are a fan of metropolitan cafes and bars. The Marina Boulevard-based business has been inspired by eateries in the New York financial district, bringing you some hearty American food. The menu includes a specific healthy eating section, with grilled tuna steak and zucchini, otherwise known as courgette, ribbons, an appetising dish. It's a great place to get your hands on a classic burger or steak sandwich too. What really looks amazing here is the Chicken Parmigiana Sub. The vegetarian version comes with aubergine, rocket and focaccia, a lovely healthy, but filling on-the-go lunch option.

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