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  2. Look who’s squawking! Halal chicken dishes in Singapore
Look Who’s Squawking! Halal Chicken Dishes in Singapore

Look who’s squawking! Halal chicken dishes in Singapore

In Singapore, we're lucky to have an amazing range of restaurants offering almost every type of cuisine you could think of. And many of them are also great at making sure their food is suitable for everyone - including those who follow a halal diet.

You'll find halal chicken dishes, for instance, in a whole range of different cuisines here in Singapore - from American to Indonesian, through to Thai and Korean. It's no wonder Singaporeans are "squawking" about halal chicken!

1. Roast Chicken

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Roast chicken is a staple in American and western cuisines and at Tender Fresh Classic, you'll find a number of halal roast chicken dishes cooked in different styles. For instance, there's the most popular dish on the menu - Honey Glazed BBQ spring chicken, with whole or half portions available. Alternatively, there's French Style roasted chicken, or plain roasted chicken. They're all delicious - you just have to make your pick!

2. Nasi Ayam Panggang

This is a grilled chicken dish. At Uncle Penyet's, chicken thighs are served on fragrant steamed rice. The chefs add the house special Black Sauce and the chicken is served with fresh vegetables and Sambal tumis chilli on the side.

This is just one of the halal chicken dishes on the menu at Uncle Penyet. The Nasi Ayam Penyet - smashed and fried chicken thighs - is another popular halal dish there.

3. Chicken Luncheon Kimbap

Kimbap, if you've not heard of it before, is the Korean version of a sushi roll. However, it tends to be a little sweeter than sushi as the rice is seasoned with sesame oil rather than vinegar.

The Chicken Luncheon Kimbap at JINJJA is a roll of seaweed and rice that has chunks of chicken in the middle, along with egg, cucumber, Korean pickles and carrots. It's ideal for a healthy lunch that's quick to eat, and delicious too!

4. Ayam Kari Padang

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Padang cuisine uses a lot of spicy chilli and coconut milk, so the dishes are often intensely flavoured but creamy too.Padang curries are usually eaten with steamed rice and chilli sauce. At IndoChili, one of the many halal ayam (that's Indonesian for chicken) dishes on the menu is Ayam Kari Padang. It's a padang-style chicken stew that has a smooth and creamy sauce and generous portions of chicken on the bone.

5. Milanese

Milanese is a classic Italian dish that you'll find at Italian restaurants around the world. Chicken breasts are dipped in a breadcrumb coating and then fried. At Kucina Italian, the Milanese is made with halal chicken breast that's breaded and fried. It's served with potato wedges and a mix of red onion, tomato, capers and rocket. Absolutely scrumptious!

With such an amazing choice of different halal chicken dishes, it's no wonder that Singaporeans are in love with chicken. What kind of halal chicken do you feel like eating tonight? Order your favourite now with Deliveroo.

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