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  2. Gut-busting Patties - Singapore's Greatest Halal Burgers
Gut-Busting Patties - Singapore's Greatest Halal Burgers

Gut-busting Patties - Singapore's Greatest Halal Burgers

Singapore is known the world-over as a cultural melting pot and a home of diverse people who are pretty much unanimously fanatical about food. You can find cuisine from every corner of the globe on this little island, with the restaurants of Singapore catering for every taste and requirement. Whatever your palette, we can all agree that we love a good burger, and SG does not disappoint in that department. For those of us who prefer to eat halal, Singapore already does more than most in that department, with some of the most celebrated eateries in town serving up halal fare. Luckily this also extends to the humble burger joint, with a dizzying array of halal-friendly spots to grab a burger across the island. Here's our round-up of some of the tastiest and most exciting halal burgers in Singapore.

1. The Half-Pounder Burger - Wing Zone

Strictly for those who are really feeling those hunger pangs, Wing Zone's whopping half-pound burger packs a serious flavour punch whilst leaving you more than satisfied. Although more known for their super spicy wings, Wing Zone seems determined to give Singapore's burger bars a serious run for their money. Their half-pounder is made up of juicy Australian beef patties and topped off with all the usual trimmings, a simple classic which wins points for quantity and quality.

2. Teriyaki Chicken Chop Burger - ToriGo

Now, let's head over to the ever-popular Japanese halal spot ToriGo to spice things up a little bit. These guys are always worth checking out for their seriously formidable chicken servings and, more importantly, their insanely affordable prices. For those on the hunt for a top-notch halal burger, it would be a crime to miss out on ToriGo's Teriyaki Chicken Chop Burger, consisting of a juicy cut of chicken drenched in sticky-sweet teriyaki sauce, served up with a mountain of fries and their homemade slaw. Even better, it's only $9 for the whole set!

3. Siew Mai Burger - Streats Hong Kong Café

When it comes to a good burger in Singapore, it's all about the Asian fusion, with Streats Hong Kong Café's Siew Mai Burger raising the bar in this department. You heard right, these gutsy chefs have successfully incorporated those pretty Chinese dumplings into a juicy, surprisingly hefty burger. Definitely a winner just for the sheer audacity of it, this burger also comes out strongly for flavour and texture, as well as the hefty helpings of cheese and fries on the side. Experience it for $11.

4. The Wing Burger - Wingstop

Another chicken wing spot making its way into the top rankings here, this Wingstop refuses to compromise on its love for the humble chicken wing, incorporating it into their one and only burger offering. Their aptly named Wing Burger is exactly that, a boneless piece of succulent chicken tossed in all of their signature seasonings and topped off with mayonnaise, served up inside a toasted sesame bun. A lighter offering which never fails to disappoint.

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