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  2. Dive into some of the tastiest vegan dips Singapore has to offer
Vibrant vegan dips that can’t be beaten in Singapore

Dive into some of the tastiest vegan dips Singapore has to offer

Greek food might be best known for its meat dishes - like moussaka, souvlaki and stifado - but it's also a cuisine with plenty of vegetarian and vegan options. So if you check out the menus of any of the city's Greek restaurants, make sure to look at the mezze or starter sections. That's because there's sure to be at least a couple of the many vegan-friendly dips Singapore has been enjoying for so long. The other fantastic thing about them is that they're perfect for sharing with friends as part of an informal meal or even just as party snacks. So get yourself a big stack of pita bread and get online for some of the best dips in town.

1. Hummus - El Halal Restaurant

Hummus, houmous even homous – there are lots of ways of spelling it and wherever you travel in Greece and the Middle East you're going to find variations on this, the most famous of dips. Over at the El Halal Restaurant they're renowned for their version of the classic chickpea puree. Theirs is an especially creamy version, thanks to the generous amounts of tahini they add, and it's also pleasantly garlic-infused, without being overpowering. The sharpness of the lemon adds an extra layer of flavour and raises this hummus to the sublime.

2. Mezze Platter - Original Sin

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It's unusual for a mezze platter to be almost entirely vegan so this offering from Original Sin really stands out. The only part of it that's non-vegan is the cucumber and yoghurt Tzatziki so you may need to give this a swerve. But you'll still be able to enjoy the rich hummus and the amazingly aromatic - and brilliantly coloured - beetroot, carrot, pumpkin and almond dip. There are also crunchy falafel balls for your second serving of chickpeas as well as plenty of pita breads to tear and share as well.

3. Fava - Blu Kouzina

There's a beautiful simplicity to this dish that you often find in all kinds of vegan meals from meat-free burgers to fresh-tasting soups. In this case, it's the classic Fava. Unlike some, which feature broad beans, Blu Kouzina has opted for yellow lentils instead and it creates a gloriously smooth and creamy texture. Combined with oregano and onions it makes for a supremely satisfying eating experience. Or, for an even richer dip, their Three Bean version includes the luscious addition of the finest extra virgin olive oil.

4. Shakshuka - Ottoman Kebab

Finally, let's shake things up a little with the Shakshuka from Ottoman Kebab. It's not a dish that you find on many menus so it's well worth seeking out. Cubes of aubergine are fried and added to a sauce of tomatoes, carrots, onions and green peppers to create a rich and complex vegetable stew that's just made for scooping up with a flatbread or two.

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