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Go Crazy for Fish Head Curry!

Go Crazy for Fish Head Curry!

If there's one dish that is the quintessential taste of Singapore, it must be the legendary fish head curry. Many restaurants and takeaways that specialize in Asian curries feature it on their menus, but only a few really manage to capture the unique flavour that makes it an unmissable treat for visitors and Singaporeans alike.

The classic fish head curry is made using the head of the red snapper and served with vegetables like eggplant and okra. Its unique flavour also comes both from the sour and fruity tamarind that's used to flavour the sauce, combined with another typical Asian ingredient, coconut milk. The result is a curry that's alive with different flavours and textures that, once eaten, will never be forgotten.

The many different national and regional influences mean that you'll find that there are distinctive variations, including Chinese, Indian and Malaysian, but, at its heart, it remains essentially the same way of making a delicious meal designed to use up the whole fish.

To experience this local delicacy for yourself, here are five of the very best purveyors of this fine dish.

1.Samy's Curry Restaurant

Samy's proudly announce that they can serve you "the oldest and best Indian curry fish head in Dempsey" and anyone who's tasted it is certain to agree. The restaurant's dishes regularly appear on roundups of the best seafood curries in Singapore and just one visit is sure to show you why. You'll also be dining in one of the area's longest-established restaurants which first opened 50 years ago.

2.Muthu's Curry

Also in Dempsey, Muthu's Curry are proud to call fish head curry their signature dish – and it's even won an award. They use their own unique recipe that features rich okra and sweet pineapple in the curry's tasty gravy to create a dish with many layers of flavour and a complexity that is all their own.

3.Shi Zhi Wei

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For a more Chinese take on the dish, head for Shi Zhi Wei. As well as offering the traditional version of the curry, they also offer a number of different ways to indulge your taste for fish head. For example, you could kick off with a fish head steamboat or have the main course of fish head with bitter gourd and black bean sauce as a delicious alternative.

4.Top Seafood

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In the heart of Bedok, Top Seafood certainly lives up to its name by bringing you the most delicious dishes featuring freshly-caught fish. As well as offering their very own version of the curry, other menu favorites include claypot fish head and, for those who prefer their curry without sauce, a dry stir-fried version with red snapper.

5.Yu Cun Claypot Curry Fish Head

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As you can guess, it's such a speciality at Yu Cun Clatpot Curry Fish Head that they've even included it in their name. There's the choice of the ordinary fish head or even the Nyona which may cost a little more, but rest assured that the result is even more delicious!

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