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Cross the Road for the Best Chicken Burgers in Singapore

It’s well worth crossing the road for these five tasty chicken burgers

Everyone loves a burger from time to time, but who says that they always have to be beef? Sure, it's nice to sink your teeth into a flame-grilled meat patty with all the trimmings but let's not forget that chicken makes for a super-succulent and tasty burger too.

Plus there's whole lot of variety waiting for you out there in the American restaurants of Singapore with flavours that can take you all around the world and back.

So let's take a look at what's waiting for chicken burger fans who fancy a change from the ordinary.

1. Cajun Chicken Burger - Foodster Oz Steak & Burger

If you just can't get enough of those tangy Cajun spices then this sure is the burger for you. Down at Foodster Oz Steak & Burger, they start off with their prime minced chicken patty and get to work on transforming it into something wonderful. How? By smothering it with melted cheddar cheese, adding sweet, caramelised onions, turkey bacon, tomato, lettuce and honey mustard sauce plus, of course, plenty of Cajun Spice mix too. The result has to be tasted to be believed.

2. Porto Pollo - Bergs

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Chicken's virtually a national dish in Portugal, and the spicier the better. So if this sounds like your sort of thing you won't be disappointed when you get yourself down to Berg's. Their Porto Pollo features flame-grilled chicken in a spicy Portuguese marinade with cheese, lettuce, tomato, red onion, garlic mayonnaise and their own home-made peri peri sauce to create a burger that's a real appetite buster.

3. Jumbo Chicken Burger - West Grill Station

Another burger that certainly won't leave you feeling hungry is the Jumbo Chicken Burger from West Grill Station. Jumbo by name and jumbo by nature, it's a supersized chicken fillet in a sesame seed bun that's also packed with lettuce, tomato and onions – and remember to order their truffle fries as the perfect partner to the burger.

4. Hawaiian Chicken Burger - T Bob's Corner

Aloha! Here's how to introduce a taste of the South Seas to the good old chicken burger – courtesy of T Bob's Corner. The deep-fried chicken breast fillet comes topped with a pineapple ring to add that tropical touch and there's plenty of iceberg lettuce to add some crunch too – and it's about the only iceberg that you'll ever find near Hawaii.

5. Spicy Chicken Tender Rice Burger - Choo Choo Chicken

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Just like burgers don't always have to be beef, Choo Choo Chicken are also pleased to be able to prove that they don't need buns around them either. This very novel way of presenting the chicken burger has spicy meat sandwiched between two discs of tender, perfectly-cooked rice. It might not be so easy to pick up and eat with your hands but, believe us, the taste is sensational.

You don't have to cross the road to enjoy any of these burgers – just let Deliveroo bring them to you.

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