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If You Like Your Pizza Extra Cheesy You’ll Love Our Valentine’s Picks

Say ‘Cheese Please’ For The Most Perfect Pizza On Valentine’s Day

If you're still scratching your head about where to go for Valentine's Night then we have a good suggestion for you. It might be a choice you weren't expecting but it's certain to satisfy, especially if you and your partner are dedicated lovers of Singapore's pizza restaurants. It'll be an even better suggestion if you also like your pizzas heavily loaded with cheese to make them meltingly delicious treats that will satisfy even the biggest appetites.

But the main reason we're recommending pizza for this, the most romantic night of the year, is that it's the perfect food for sharing. After all, it even comes pre-cut into slices, so you can sample each other's choice to your heart's content. So here are five of the pizzas we think would be perfect for you, your Valentine and the night ahead.

1. Lean & Green - Alt. Pizza

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Our first choice for a cheese-laden treat is the Lean and Green from Alt. Pizza. It's packed with flavour thanks to the triple cheese combination of mozzarella, parmesan and feta, while spinach, pumpkin and roasted garlic pesto complete the all-star toppings line up. This ultra colourful pizza looks as good as it tastes and, believe us, it looks and tastes very good indeed.

2. Diavola - Pizza L'Operetta

You'll both be singing the praises of this fantastic pizza from Pizzeria L'Operetta. This is a pizza designed to inflame the passions with its devilishly hot combination of mozzarella, parmesan, salami, basil and lots and lots of chilli. So make sure that you charge both of your glasses well with prosecco before you dive into this one.

3. Quattro Formaggi - Pasta Fresca

We couldn't let a list of the cheesiest pizzas for Valentine's go by without picking at least one version of the classic Quattro Formaggi, especially when it's as fine as this example from Pasta Fresca. It's a luscious mix unlike any you have seen before: mozzarella, parmesan, Emmenthal and Danish blue are certain to satisfy even the biggest cheese fans in Singapore.

4. Cheesy Cheese - Pezzo

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If you like to enjoy your cheese pizzas pure and simple then this version should do nicely for you. They don't just take the straightforward approach at Pezzo when it comes to naming their pizzas, they also apply it to the pizza itself. Simply, lots of mozzarella and parmesan are loaded on to a base with rich tomato sauce to create the cheesiest of cheese pizzas you'll find.

5. Pizza Gorgonzola, Napolizz Pizza

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If you like your pizza to be a little more gourmet then this could be the perfect choice. Naturally the Pizza Gorgonzola from Napolizz Pizza stars the tangy Italian blue cheese but it also has Parma ham, rucola salad, mozzarella and parmesan which all add up to a sophisticated dish, perfect when you're trying to impress on a special night.

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