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  2. It takes a cool café or two to see you through the day
5 Ace Café Dishes from Breakfast Through to Dinner

It takes a cool café or two to see you through the day

Isn't it time that you started to really get into Singapore's café culture? There are so many to choose from that they can see you through right from breakfast first thing in the morning to a delicious dessert to round off the evening. All the very best cafés have their own unique mood and character that shows through in the dishes they serve. These range from the cosy sorts of places, perfect for staying indoors on a rainy day, to lively places, bursting with energy. So here are five great drinks and dishes just waiting to see you through the day.

1. It all starts with a nice cup of tea

What better way to get the day off to a flying start than with a lovely cup of tea? And we're not talking any old English breakfast tea here – that's not how they roll down at Real Food. What we're proposing is their Sonnentor Fruity Delight Tea. It's a super refreshing blend of rosehips and other fruits that give off a light and zesty flavour that'll set you up for the day like nothing else.

2. Get yourself a super-charged breakfast

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Next, it's time to move onto breakfast. There's a long old day ahead so you'd better make it substantial and where better than from the 23 Jumpin Café? Their Ultimate Breakfast is all that the name suggests with honey-glazed bacon and ham, bratwurst sausage, scrambled eggs, toasted brioche and a good serving of greens. If that doesn't set you up, we don't know what will!

3. Give yourself a lunchtime treat

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It might be a takeaway classic in the UK but there's also some pretty awesome Fish and Chips to be had over here and none is better than the plateful you can enjoy at NOM Bistro & Bakery. It's a lightly battered fillet of Pacific dory served with a side order of beautifully crisp fries. Or, for a lighter kind of lunch, their grilled dory with hollandaise sauce and roasted veg is superb.

4. Have your cake and eat it


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We couldn't have a day of café without at least one cake stop, so here it is from Emicakes. Their Peach Mango Cake is a delectable sandwich with layers of mango mousse, peach cubes and vanilla chiffon. It's light, it's fruity and it's available in both 15cm and 20cm diameter depending on how many you're planning to share it with - or perhaps just how hungry you all are!

5. A healthy salad to end the day


Ordering from our fine selection of restaurants is all well and good, but sometimes you want a lighter end to the day and that's where cafés are in their element. Cedele Bakery have nailed the cross between light-bite and something-a-little-different with their take on the Chicken Caesar Salad. Chicken strips are combined with pineapple, romaine lettuce, onion, cherry tomatoes and Japanese cucumber, all liberally covered in Caesar dressing. It's the perfect conclusion to our Singapore café odyssey.

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