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The Best Alternatives To Beef Burgers In Singapore

Not Trying To Cause Beef! Five Great Alternative Burgers In Singapore

Believe it or not, hamburgers don't always have to be beef. This is clearly good news if you prefer to ring the changes once in a while or if you simply prefer alternatives to the traditional beef burger. It's even better news if you want to look for the best burger in Singapore from some of the city's very best American takeaways where the chefs are seeing just how far they can take things burger-wise. These versions are also calling out for lip-smacking side orders to go with them. So before you put in your order, check out the rest of the menu – perhaps there are some different takes on fries or salads you can enjoy to make the best burger even better.

1. The Yolo - Fat Boys The Burger Bar

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It's true, you do only live once. So make the most of it with this flavour-packed burger from those griddle geniuses down at Fat Boys The Burger Bar. You can have the choice of either a lamb or a pork patty, which is then heavily loaded with fried spam, a fried egg, fried onion strings, cheddar cheese sticks and a smoky chipotle chilli sauce, all served up in a fresh sesame seed bun.

2. Hold The Burger - Burger Joint New York

It might not be the way they do it in NYC but it certainly is how they serve it at Burger Joint New York. They've a great range of beef-less burgers waiting to be devoured with all the toppings you could want. Create your own combination from cheese, bacon and jalapeno pepper for a real hunger buster of a burger.

3. Fish Fillet Burger - West Grill Station

Take a stroll down the part of the menu that West Grill Station call Burger Boulevard and you'll find there's plenty of choice whether you crave chicken, pick pork or simply fancy fish. The latter is served with all the trimmings in a bun and there's even the chance to go large with the jumbo fish burger if you really are hungry.

4. Salted Egg Chicken Burger - Char Grill & Bar

Here's the answer to whether the chicken or the egg came first. They both arrived at the same time, thanks to the Char Grill and Bar. A succulent chicken burger is topped with a salted egg to make a savoury treat that will have you clucking with delight.

5. Nutella Lamb Burger - Burgerlicious

Our last, and definitely most alternative alternative comes from Burgerlicious where their grilled lamb burger comes with greens, cucumber, tomato and the sweet hazelnut spread, Nutella. It sounds like a crazy combination but, believe us, it really works! And when you're mixing things up anyway, why not go that one step further?

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