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Four of the best Singapore breakfast foods

Fancy breakfast in Singapore? Then here’s how to enjoy an authentic eating experience…

If there's one thing we know how to do well here in Singapore, it's whip up a really great breakfast. The originators of kaya toast, roti prata, and lots of other dishes with a special Singaporean twist, our country is home to many excellent early morning eateries - so many, in fact, that it's hard to pick between them.

But pick between them we have! Dedicating ourselves to delivering an authentic eating experience for those in search of a breakfast boost to kick-start their day, we've sorted the best from the rest to give you some Singapore breakfast food inspiration.

1. Order Kaya Butter Toast from Killiney Kopitiam

Toast is a breakfast staple the whole world over, but we'd argue that we're particularly good at adding our own unique twist to it here in Singapore, and to prove our point, we suggest that you place an order with Killiney Kopitiam to test that theory for yourself. Serving up charcoal-grilled slices of bread enveloped in slivers of cold butter and coated with a generous lashing of traditional kaya jam, this magnificent early morning feast will go perfectly with a cup of locally sourced kopi.

2. Try the Double Cheese, Egg, and Onion Prata from Roti Prata House

Roti Prata is another Singaporean breakfast special, and nowhere does it better than the aptly named Roti Prata House. Serving up every imaginable variation of this traditional morning meal, they combine their soft, crisp flatbreads with a whole host of fantastic ingredients, including our favourite combo: double cheese, egg, and onion. A true treat for the taste buds, this indulgent option is ideal for waking you up first thing, and will fill your belly in just the right way to keep you energised for the rest of the day.

3. Choose Fried Carrot Cake from Kimly Dim Sum

To Westerners, the thought of eating cake for breakfast would sit rather oddly, but here in Singapore, everyone knows that Fried Carrot Cake like the one from Kimly Dim Sum is a perfect choice for your first meal of the day. Actually made of radish, and entirely carrot free, it comes cut into chunks and served with an egg, which is just the way we like it. Sure to leave you licking your lips, this authentic dish really is delicious. 

4. Enjoy Fish Ball Mee from Yammee Teochew Fishball Noodles

We can fair taste the first three picks on this luscious list, but if something lighter is your preference first thing in the morning, then what about a liquid alternative instead? The Fish balls Soup from Yammee Teochew Fishball Noodles fits the bill to a tee! A thin broth served up with noodles and a few floating fish balls mixed in for good measure, it's sweet, scrumptious, and supremely tasty – just the ticket once your belly starts grumbling.    

So tell us, which dish sounds best to you? Whether it's kaya toast or roti prata, place an order today and prepare to be impressed.

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