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  2. The best of Bento: 5 places changing the Singapore lunch scene
The Best of Bento: 5 Places Changing The Singapore Lunch Scene

The best of Bento: 5 places changing the Singapore lunch scene

The popularity of Japanese food is on the rise, and it's easy to see why. The healthy cuisine is becoming known for the fun, quirky aspects of eating, due to the practicality and freedom of the dishes. Bento boxes have played a huge part in this. Whilst these meals sometimes take quite a long process, as families traditionally make them for lunch and take great care over the ingredients used, the boxes, which usually contain a combination of rice, vegetables and fish, have broken onto the fast-food scene.

Similar to poke bowls, which originate from Hawaii, the ability to have your Bento box made to order, with the ingredients of your choice, has given the meals huge success. This has made them a hugely popular choice for workplace lunches, and let's not forget the fact that Bento boxes are visually appealing too. Here are 3 places which know how to make some seriously fun Bento dishes for you to enjoy, whether you are on the go, or fancy some Bento at home.

1. Teppei Syokudo

Teppei Syokudo, situated in the popular Orchard shopping district, serve up a huge variety of sumptuous Bento boxes. Whether you are in the mood for salmon, chicken, pork, shrimp or seaweed, you can find it at Teppei Syokudo. Bento boxes are now far more complex than just rice, protein and vegetables; now you can branch out and sample of tasty noodles and sauces.

2. LEAN Bento​

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Focusing on quality Bento boxes, with an emphasis on clean eating, Holland Drive-based LEAN Bento's chicken, salmon and vegetarian Bento dishes are certainly a feast to behold. Premium meals will certainly give you the energy you need for the day, with ingredients such as honey miso sauce, truffle edamame and sea salt salmon on the menu. What a way to introduce yourself to the world of Bento if you have not already done so.

3. Mr Bento

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If you are after a Bento meal with some Korean-inspired flavours, then Mr. Bento is for you. For those in or near the historic Tanjong Pagar district, dishes such as Bulgogi Beef, along with Korean soy sauce and side dishes, will bring a new twist on the classic Japanese Bento. Alternatively, add a Chinese element with the sweet and sour pork dumpling Bento.

4. Nara Japanese Restaurant

Goldhill Shopping Centre is home to Nara Japanese Restaurant, a sushi restaurant with a stunning selection of Bento sets, all full to the brim with traditional Japanese food. Treat yourself to a combination of chawan mushi, miso soup and sashimi from this restaurant, which vows to ensure the use of only the freshest of ingredients.

5. Fatty Weng

Last, but not least, Fatty Weng is a stone's throw away from Chinatown in Singapore and offers a selection of Bento sets, with a large choice of meat and fish being served with broccoli and steamed rice. Sweet and sour fish, and baked honey pork ribs are just a couple of items from the menu.

These a just a few ideas of places in Singapore where you can get a taste of Bento boxes. There are all sorts of these fun food sets to try out, so whether you have a busy day, or want to get amongst a Bento on an evening in, Deliveroo can help bring Bento boxes to you.

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