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5 Ultimate Avocado Toast Dishes - Brunch's Match Made in Heaven

Avocado on Toast - Brunch's Match Made in Heaven

Having risen in popularity, there is no denying avocado is one of the trendiest foods out there. Proving to be a worldwide favourite in the fruit and vegetable department, the avocado's versatility as a mealtime staple, whether that's lunch or dinner, has caused a buzz of excitement in the food industry.

Plenty of new delicious culinary creations involving avocado are arising around the globe, but let's not forget where avocado first found its place in the restaurant scene – as a healthy addition to the humble brunch. Singapore knows how to pay homage to its roots, with classic dishes like avocado toast being served up across the city.

1. Classic Avocado Toast - 1KS by Park Bench Deli

Park Bench Deli have really caught on to the health food craze, offering brunch and lunch options including the much-loved avocado. Keeping it simple, their Avocado Toast with a touch of sea salt and black pepper will kick-start your day in the best way, with a good ol' brunch. Alternatively, if you want a quick energy boost, the George Michael Bluth smoothie is packed with avocado, along with banana, granola, almonds, and agave. What a combination!

2. Avocado on Toast with pickled Shallots - SPRMRKT

Revolutionising café culture, Chinatown's SPRMRKT is stepping the traditional avocado toast brunch up a notch. Sticking closely to the classic dish, SPRMRKT's Avocado on Toast adds a burst of flavour and an extra lift with pickled shallots, tomato salsa and mixed greens. Not to mention that all this sits on top of their crisp house-baked bread. If there's a reason to get out of bed in the morning, it's got to be this.

3. Avocado BLT - The New Ting

Shout out to the two friends who created The New Ting based around their love of comfort food because they know that avocado on toast counts. Merging avocado toast with the BLT to create a mouth-watering combination of avocado, bacon, melted cheese and salad, along with multigrain toast. This is the Avocado BLT. This is the brunch to top all others, no matter what time of day it is.

4. Avocado & Focaccia - Oriole Coffee + Bar

Coffee isn't the only thing Oriole is good at. Their All Day Breakfast menu is something to be admired too. Oriole include avocado in a number of their meals but in the Avocado & Toast Oriole add a twist to their version of the classic dish– with toasted focaccia and smoked tomatoes. Now that is a brunch we want to treat our taste buds to.

5. Smoked Salmon & Dill with Avocado Guacamole on Brioche Toast - Joe and Dough

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With a name like Joe and Dough, it's no surprise that good bread is on the menu, or in this case, Smoked Salmon & Dill with Avocado Guacamole on Brioche Toast. Hungry yet? Bringing avocados Mexican roots to the forefront, the guacamole topping works perfectly with the salmon and a sprinkle of dill, and the crunch of the toast brings texture harmony.

No matter where you are in the city, you can order these avocado toast dishes straight to you from Deliveroo.

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