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  2. Holy mole! Singapore’s best avocado dishes
Singapore's Best Avocado Dishes

Holy mole! Singapore’s best avocado dishes

Even the most unsophisticated foodies among us can agree that the rise of the humble avocado in the past few years has been nothing short of meteoric, with the Mexican fruit now being enjoyed the world over as a millennial staple.

No longer confined to the tables of trendy brunch spots, the smooth and versatile avocado has been popping up in restaurants across the culinary spectrum, with restaurants in Singapore certainly being no exception. From avocado emblems such as 'schmavocado toast' to pizzas, ramens, burgers and even sushi, you won't have to look hard to get your avocado fix in this town! Here's our round-up of some of the best avocado dishes in SG, and where to find them.

1. Avocado Croissantwich from Dapper Coffee

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A mouthful to say and certainly to eat, this bad boy is one of the more creative ways to start off this list. The thought of serving up soft chunks of creamy avocado inside a crumbly croissant may initially seem like a gimmick bordering on pure hipster-ism, but one bite of this and you'll realise that the team at Dapper Coffee know what they're doing. The combination of textures works surprisingly well, and it's in equal parts a comforting and healthy(ish) way to start off your day – not bad for $5.

2. Quesadilla Grande from Senor Taco

I would hate to risk my reputation by writing an avocado hall of fame and failing to mention one of the stellar Mexican places on the island. Although the incorporation of avocado into dinnertime staples such as tacos and quesadillas are more of a SoCal twist, the same has started to happen south of the border as well. Senor Taco is the place to go if you're looking to stuff yourself on some seriously satisfying Mexican food, and their hefty Quesadilla Grande does not disappoint. This 10-inch tortilla is stuffed to the brim with flame-grilled minced beef and jalapenos, and of course heaps of juicy avocado.

3. Avocado Salad from Overeasy

Maybe you've recently enjoyed a Quesadilla Grande and you're feeling a little guilty, or you're just in the mood for a fresh, healthy and tasty avocado injection. If so, Overeasy is your best bet for a plate of their avocado and broccoli salad with quinoa and feta, a colourful serving of healthy goodness and a perfectly Instagram-friendly way to start of that detox you've been thinking about.

4. The Spicy Pig from Vatos Urban Tacos

Another place that is all about the quantity, Vatos Urban Tacos' formidable Spicy Pig Burger is the preferred choice for those fiending for that 'cado but wanting a good old-fashioned gut-busting burger. These guys aren't messing about when it comes to flavour either, as their all Wagyu beef patty comes drenched with their jalapeno relish and fiery sriracha mayo, cooled off of course with a stack of fresh avocado which is just as generous as you would expect from a burger of this size.

Whether you're an avocado addict or simply a food fanatic, you can check out the best of Singapore's restaurants on Deliveroo!

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