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  2. Arab Street - Food from the coolest zone in all of Singapore
Four of the most fabulous foods found on Arab Street

Arab Street - Food from the coolest zone in all of Singapore

We all like to try something different once in a while, and if the craving for something new has kicked in, there's no better to place to broaden your culinary horizons than Singapore's coolest neighbourhood, Arab Street. Selling food that's fresh, flavoursome and fantastically yummy, its eateries will undoubtedly impress - and they're often reasonably priced too.

Arab Street foods range in origins, from the Levant, to the West to the Oriental. There's so much on offer that it's a struggle to decide where to start, so we're taking you around the globe in one street with four of the many fabulous dishes you'll find there. If you're ready to line your belly and treat your taste buds, get reading!

1. Hawaiian fishy goodness

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Poke is one of the hottest food trends around right now. Coming all the way from Hawaii, this fish dish is filled to the brim with flavour and we just love how it tastes. Combining fresh veggies and spices with cubes of raw fish, it will leave you licking your lips with glee. The best part about getting it from our top restaurant selection, Poke Doke, is the degree of choice that's available - choose not only how many scoops you want, but the add-ons you'd like in your bowl too, for a dish tailored to your tastes.   

2. Curried vegetarian comfort

If you want some vegetarian-friendly food to chow down on, then Real Food is another excellent option. Offering a menu that's made up entirely of veggie dishes, their cuisine fuses the best of Asian food and flavourings with modern-day diet staples like burgers, pizza, and pasta. Our favourite thing to order has to be their Curry Soup Noodles. Homemade using organic oat milk and virgin coconut oil, this veggie pick is exactly what we imagine heaven tastes like.  

3. Outrageously authentic American

Everyone loves a nice, juicy burger and Arab Street can deliver in this department too, thanks to the presence of BERGS. An American eatery that's dedicated to serving up the most scrumptious meat feasts found anywhere in Singapore, it has a menu to make the mouth water. All of its dishes are amazing, but if we were forced to pick just one, our vote would have to go to the Porto Polo – grilled chicken soaked in spicy Portuguese marinade and served in a bun. Its tantalising taste isn't something you'll soon forget.

4. Magical Middle-Eastern Meze

Our final favourite to add to our list of fantastic food from Arab Street is the Mixed Meze Dips and Falafel. Available from Istanblue. This eatery offers diners a range of traditional choices in its classical Middle-Eastern menu, including Mixed Meze Dips: a selection of cold starters served alongside fabulously tasty falafel and Turkish balloon bread. A superb sharer for two, it uses only the freshest and most flavoursome ingredients, tastes great and - if you're still hungry - sits nicely alongside Istanblue's deep-fried and delicious Chicken Mid-Joints.

Arab Street food is famed for its excellence – and deservedly so. Head to Deliveroo and take your pick.

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