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Funky Asian Desserts that are Deliciously Delightful

Funky Asian desserts that are deliciously delightful

Asian desserts have yet to gain the international fame of classic sweets like tiramisu and New York cheesecake, but there are some offerings which could be global headliners in the years to come. More people are turning to Asian sweets as a lighter option to finish off a meal in a seriously satisfying way. Asian sweets tend to be delicate, manageable, beautifully presented sugary sensations. Singaporeans are well-known for having a sweet tooth, and the country is teeming with restaurants that are serving up decadent delights to be enjoyed at the end of a feast. If you feel the need to slurp up some of these sweets as you read, you can order all of them to your home with Deliveroo.

1. Durian Mochi

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The Durian Mochi from Mei Heong Yuen Desserts is a bite-sized treat which features one of the most addictive fruits in Southeast Asia. It's a Japanese cake made out of glutinous rice flour and filled with segments of the pungent, smelly Durian fruit which grows in abundance in Thailand and Malaysia. Although Durian has a reputation for giving off an unpleasant smell and is banned from public transport and a lot of hotels, the taste is actually quite exquisite. This is why it has been nicknamed the "King of Fruits". For those looking to try it for the first time, these small rice cakes could be the ideal way to get into it.    

2. Herbal Jelly

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In Asia, desserts don't just serve to satisfy cravings for a sweet way to round off a hearty meal, they also possess some medicinal properties. Guilinggao is a jelly-like Chinese medicine which is also sold as a dessert. It is made from a variety of herbal products, hence why it is called "herbal jelly" on the menu at Dessert Story in Tiong Bahru Plaza. It's reasonably priced at $3.60, and will make you feel good at the end of your meal if you feel like you may have overindulged slightly. It's not your typical dessert, and doesn't have much sweetness to it, but it is unique and makes a refreshing change from stodgier puddings.

3. Chiffon Cake

For those who like to bite into a light and fluffy cake at the end of their meal, it doesn't get much lighter or fluffier than a chiffon cake. It's made using vegetable oil instead of butter, which is why it is nowhere near as heavy as the traditional sponge cake. The fluffy texture is achieved by having egg whites beaten into the mixture until stiff. Like a Victoria sponge cake, they can be layered in the middle and on top with fillings and frostings. The chiffon cake at Flor Patisserie in Duxton is made healthy with the addition of silken tofu and is simply a must try sweet.  

4. Grass Jelly with Sea Coconut

Grass jelly with sea coconut is an absolute favourite in Singapore, and there are tons of places that serve the dish with their own unique twists. No matter where you get it, though, you know that you are getting a healthy, fragrant, and sweet treat. We think that one of the best offerings of this Asian classic is at Selegie Soyabean, where there is a wide variety of soya bean, soya milk, and grass jelly desserts.  

Don't forget, all of these tantalising treats can be ordered directly to your door with Deliveroo!

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