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3 Of The Tastiest Vegetarian Meals To Order In Singapore

3 of the tastiest vegetarian meals to order in Singapore

Vegetarian food is getting more and more common around the world - don't think that Singapore is any different. Across the entire city, you will find an array of vegetarian takeaways, to suit any mood that you're in. Meat-free, or even dairy-free, whatever it is that you're into, you won't have to go hungry when your friends suggest ordering in.

Of course, talking about vegetarian things puts everything on such a broad spectrum. What kinds of foods are we talking about? After all, you wouldn't say "I'm having meat" tonight, because nobody would know what you were talking about. Is it chicken? Is it steak? The same goes for vegetarians, and you can enjoy every kind of cuisine under the sun. For example, love popiah or fajitas? Stuff yours with veggies instead. Love pizza? Leave off the ham. Love burgers? Make yours meat-free. You get the message. With these suggestions, here's how you can, tonight!

1. Real Food (South Beach): Lentil Quinoa Coquette Burger

Real Food serves exactly that… real food. Their whole menu is vegetarian, with much of it being vegan as well. You can choose so many different types of foods from pastas through to sides without having to worry about the presence of meat. Burgers are often something that people forget about for those who eat meat – thankfully, Real Food does nothing of the sort. This burger is a highly popular menu item, and it's lovingly handmade featuring walnuts, mushrooms, quinoa, oregano and lentils, all formed into a patty. It even comes with greens and vegan sauce. Hey, just because you care about the animals, it doesn't mean you can't go crazy every once in a while.

2. Riciotti Riverwalk: Tartufo Pizza

Some vegetarians make the switch for health reasons, but many more do it for ethical reasons instead. Typically, they love classic indulgent foods, they just don't want it to feature anything made of meat. Riciotti Riverwalk are on the ball and they understand, offering a range of vegetarian pizzas for those who still want to eat, eat, eat! Tartufo is especially rich, featuring black truffle, mushrooms and cheese. One thing's for sure, you won't be left feeling hungry! It's guilt-free in the ethical sense, probably less so on the calories front. But hey, who cares? Treat yourself!

3. Bali Thai (Suntec City): Tom Yum Soup

If you love Tom Yum Soup or just Thai food in general, Bali Thai will offer you everything you need for an amazing night in. You don't have to worry about it coming with meat, this place caters for vegetarians, offering delicious meat-free dishes throughout the menu. We particularly love the Tom Yum Soup; it's super-fragrant and contains only tofu and fresh veggies. So, you won't spend time worrying about what's in it, so you'll have more time to focus on how amazing it tastes!


A takeaway for vegetarians doesn't need to be a problem - there are so many incredible options out there. Check out these meals and so many more all for yourself on Deliveroo.

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