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Awesome all day breakfasts in Singapore

The early bird catches the worm - but wouldn't you rather have an all day breakfast?

You know what they say. The early bird catches the worm. But not everyone enjoys getting up early when they don't have to - and more so when you can order a tasty breakfast at any time of the day. These days, you don't even need to get up early to enjoy something delicious in the morning (or afternoon... we don't judge).

Our breakfast habits seem to be changing, and they're quite varied as well. Some of us like to keep things traditional by eating in the mornings, while others want an all day breakfast after a bit of a heavy night. Some prefer something indulgent and naughty on the weekend, and others swear by brunch. So, what does breakfast mean to you? We're exploring some of the many ways people like to eat brekkies in Singapore in 2018.

It can be served simply and with style

The definition of a classic breakfast is changing, and now more often than not it tends to include avocado in basically everything! You really can't go wrong with a simple yet stylish Avocado on Toast from SPRMRKT, known for dishing up basically the hippest of everything. Their take on this modern favourite involves avocado, freshly baked bread, tomato salsa and pickled salad. It's incredible!

And it can be enjoyed all day!

You can still get a "traditional" breakfast, but you're no longer limited to first thing in the morning. Everyone loves a good brunch, and it's especially welcome after a late night! At Clinton St Baking Co, they understand that, which is why you can order their Country Breakfast all day. Enjoy classics like soft scrambled eggs, ham and hash browns together with a buttermilk biscuit whenever the craving takes your fancy.

You can even have something sweet...

Sometimes savoury food just doesn't cut it, and you need something sweet to set you up for the day. At Group Therapy, you can enjoy a delish Blueberry Pancakes dish which comes served with a helping of bacon as well as maple syrup drizzled over the top to ensure you can have things both ways. Better still, these sweet and savoury delights are available all day long as well. Who needs to be traditional these days? Eat whatever you like, whenever you like!

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...or simply enjoy a breakfast drink instead

Want strength and energy but don't want anything heavy? A smoothie for breakfast might be the answer to your prayers. Unlike some meal replacement drinks, the Breakfast Smoothie from Haakon Superfoods is designed to perk you up while still providing you with lots of natural ingredients and healthy nutrients. There's nothing fake about this shake, offering almond butter, oats, whey protein, banana and even a probiotic, all in one drink. It'll keep you full as it's even an appetite suppressor, without leaving you feeling shortchanged.

Whatever time of day you fancy breakfast food, you know you can always order some on Deliveroo!

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