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Singapore's Very Best Indian Lamb Dishes

Love an Indian takeaway? Check out Singapore's loveliest lamb dishes

There's nothing quite as good as going for a proper authentic Indian meal. Their dishes are so full of spices and flavours and they're like a party in your mouth! Some prefer chicken, some plump for fish, but now it's time for lamb to take centre stage as we showcase the best Indian restaurants serving sumptuous lamb in Singapore.

1. Seekh Kebabs - The Dabbawalla by The Curry Culture

Those in the know are all too aware that Indian food isn't just all about curries. Indian restaurants are the go-to place for a mean kebab too. The Seekh Kebab made over at The Dabbawalla is a delicious meal made with minced lamb kebabs which are skewered and cooked in an authentic tandoor to make the flavour truly come alive. It's a dish that cannot be passed over, so don't miss out and get your hands on them now!

2. Saag Gosht - Sish Mahal

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For a meal you won't be forgetting anytime soon, try out the Saag Gosht made by the chefs at Sish Mahal. This curry dish is made with wonderfully tender pieces of lamb which are cooked with fresh spinach and topped with ginger and garlic to add even more flavour, not to mention the fact that it smells incredible. As soon as you take a bite your mouth will be hit with wonderful fragrant flavours and the lamb falls apart so easily. Give this dish a try and you'll find it hard to refrain from licking the plate once you're finished!

3. Lamb Rack Ananas - Muthu's Curry

If you want to taste the most succulent and tender lamb around then make sure you try out the Lamb Rack Ananas from Muthu's Curry. This dish has a rack of lamb perfectly paired with pineapple to add some delicious flavours in a way only their talented chefs can do. The lamb is left to marinate in pineapple and fresh spices and cooked to be so tender than the it falls off the bone effortlessly. Make sure you give it a try and see for yourself why this dish is so good.

4. Lamb Chop - Zaffron Kitchen

The Lamb Chop served at Zaffron Kitchen is so much more than just a lamb chop. It is made with incredibly succulent and tender lamb which is marinated with ginger, yogurt and an array of spices to accentuate and add even more wonderful flavours. Not to mention it is chargrilled in a real clay oven as an authentic Indian cooking method which makes the dish even more delicious.

Lamb is one of the tastiest of all meats and Indian food is some of the tastiest on this planet, so it only makes sense that putting them together makes some of the most delicious dishes around. These little pieces of culinary heaven are made in some of the best Indian restaurants in all of Singapore so you can rest assured that when you order with them you will be getting only the highest quality.

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