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All About Alternatives: Popiah

It’s all about alternatives: popiah

Sometimes you just need your comfort food go-to, and for us that's popiah. Filling combinations of your dreams are wrapped in a crispy crepe-y coat for a perfect bundle of culinary happiness. If you usually order your weekly popiah from Good Chance Popiah but you're looking for something slightly different, try Baja Fresh Mexican Grill's fajitas. You won't be sorry.

Fajitas also have all the customisation and hand-held convenience of your classic popiah, and we can't get enough of them. Try something new – and who knows, you might even find yourself a new comfort food.

The classic: popiah

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On the off-chance you need reminding, popiah is essentially a giant spring roll. A wheat-based crepe is the foundation of this beauty, wrapped around any type of filling you can imagine.

This may sound easy – but the process is far more involved than your standard French crepe. It's all about precision, skill and a bit of elbow grease. After the wet dough is mixed, it's vigorously rubbed in circles against a hot steel plate until flat and smooth. And it's this magic that gives the wrappers their signature golden coat.

The wrap's then tightly wound around a cylinder of mixed ingredients like fresh vegetables, hearty meats, or shredded omelette. At Good Chance Popiah you can choose fillings like sliced Chinese sausage or tender prawns. The sweet sauce coats the fillings and goes perfectly with the crispiness of your edible wrapper. Add a splash of chilli sauce if you're after a hit of spice.

The alternative: fajitas

Tex-Mex food has given the world many treasures – we don't know where we'd be without our cheesy nachos – but we think fajitas may be the greatest gift of them all. Our love of fajitas here in Singapore dates back to the 30s, but Mexican foodies were tucking in way before that. Traditionally it's sautéed beef that's the star of the show – but nowadays you can fill your fajita with anything you like.

The only way to eat fajitas is your way. That's why we love Baja Fresh Mexican Grill –  they're all about customisation. You can pack spicy chicken, steak, shrimp, pork or fish, into flour or corn tortillas – it's all your choice. A mixed vegetable option means that vegetarians can get in on the fun too. Throw in some rice for a hearty meal, and opt for the extra guacamole or sour cream if you like your fajitas with that creamy hit.

If you ordered a fajita in a restaurant, it would come sizzling with spices in a throwback to Mexico's heated heritage – so if you're the kind of person who smothers their popiah in hot chilli sauce, your transition to this Mexican staple will be seamless.

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