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Add Some Excitement to Your Poppadoms with These Zesty Flavours

Add some excitement to your poppadoms with these zesty sauces

We all love a good Indian meal, mountains of rice and naan to mop up that delicious curry, but no Indian meal is complete without a poppadom or two. Trouble is, there are so many ways to enjoy a poppadom that it can be hard to choose the perfect accompaniment. Well, fret no more as we are about to explore the best pickles and chutneys to match your poppadom perfectly.

1. Cucumber and Green Mango Raitha - The Dabbawalla

For some fresh and juicy flavours that will make your taste buds come alive, make sure to order some of the Cucumber and Green Mango Raitha from The Dabbawalla as the ideal dip for your poppadoms. Like all of the dishes served here, this dip is made following authentic Indian recipes and is the perfect way to refresh your mouth in between bites of a hot curry.

2. Mixed Raitha - Patro's Bar and Restaurant

The Mixed Raitha dip served over at Patro's Bar and Restaurant is a wonderfully refreshing and delicious yoghurt dip that you just can't help going back to. It is a simple dip made with diced onion and tomato, but simple in no way means boring! You'll be dipping into this between bites of your main throughout your meal and you'll be sure to make it a regular addition to your order.

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3. Paratha Set - Foodcoholic

For a feast with all of the tasty sides you could ask for, go for the Paratha Set over at Foodcoholic. This set dish comes with two pieces of paneer, potato and onion as well as gravy, yoghurt and pickle dips to get stuck into. It's an ideal accompaniment to any Indian meal as you have all the delicious sides all in one set, so no more reaching across the table and grabbing a bit of everyone else's sides!

4. Dal Tadkewali - Table by Rang Mahal

If you could order a dish just from the delicious smell alone, then your nose would make you order the Dal Tadkewali from Table by Rang Mahal. This delicious side is an Indian favourite and one of the most popular dishes served in this restaurant. It is an aromatic dish made with yellow lentils, onions, tomatoes, cumin and coriander and is perfect to scoop up and eat with a great big poppadom! You'll be left thinking about how tasty this Dal was long after your meal and you'll be sure to order it time and time again.

No matter how delicious it may be, no Indian meal is complete without some poppadom and some tasty dips to tuck into. It is the side dish of dreams, so it is important to make sure you order the right stuff! These dips and sides are the perfect way to enjoy your poppadoms and make each Indian meal the best you've ever had - until the next time the Deliveroo driver knocks on your door.

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