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7 Vegetarian Dishes in Singapore That Really Pack a Punch

Ready to veg out? 7 vegetarian dishes in Singapore that really pack a punch

Whether you're a devout vegetarian or you've had your fill of meat and just fancy something both delicious and nutritious, Singapore is home to a raft of fabulous restaurants serving colourful vegetarian fare that's bursting with flavour.

We all have our comfort food go-to's – for some of us it might be a classic Popiah and for others it might be a fresh, fruity curry.

Whether you're looking for a pick-me-up at brunch to help you through the rest of the day or you fancy a wholesome dinner to set you up for a night on Singapore's glittering tiles, these seven heavenly veggie meals will have you coming back for more, guaranteed!

1. Knock-out Koshari at Fill a Pita, Clarke Quay

With a plentiful mix of perfectly-cooked brown rice, brown lentils and macaroni, topped with luscious red pepper sauce that will definitely perk you up, this Koshari from Fill a Pita is everything you need to put some pep in your step. If you're a fan of crispy fried onions they'll even pop some of these on top to add a fabulous extra texture to the dish!

2. Incredible Iron 'Wo' Man Salad at Saladstop, Clarke Quay

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Combining fabulously fruity flavours and wholesome vegetables, this salad mix is our go-to favourite at Saladstop! overlooking Clarke Quay. With baby spinach and roasted pumpkin providing the nutrients, raisins and toasted almonds adding the texture and natural sugars, topped by salty feta cheese and a sharp raspberry vinaigrette, it's a winning combo every time.

3. Perfect Premium Rendang Rice Bowl at Greendot, Raffles Place

This Rendang Rice Bowl from Greendot is premium for a worthy reason. The real show-stopper of this dish is the Lion Mane Mushrooms that are cooked in a perfectly aromatic Rendang sauce, surrounded by Gong Bao fresh mushrooms, sliced carrots, steamed broccoli and other fresh greens such as seaweed flakes.

4. Rad Rebel Salad Bowls at Kitchen by Food Rebel, Chinatown

One of the easiest ways to get your five-a-day of fresh fruit and veg is to pop down to Chinatown to Kitchen by Food Rebel. Their Rebel Salads are to die for! Topped with mixed organic leaves and drizzled with home-made olive oil or vinaigrette, it's the perfect light lunch with friends or work colleagues.

5. Pukka Paneer Tikka Kurry Korner at Kurry Korner, Orchard

For those who enjoy the flavour of Indian side dishes and appetisers but don't want the meat to fill them up, Kurry Korner's home-made Paneer Tikka is bursting with lightly marinated spices. The cottage cheese is grilled slowly with capsicum and onions in a traditional clay oven for an 100% authentic taste!

6. Plush Penne all'Arrabbiata at Ricciotti Riverwalk, Boat Quay

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Who said pasta had to be boring? Not at Ricciotti Riverwalk, that's for sure! Their vibrant, spicy Arrabbiata sauce goes brilliantly with their wholewheat penne. The combination of garlic, chilli and tomato packs so much of a punch that you don't feel like you've missed out on having meat or fish to accompany it.

7. Loveable Lentil Coquette Burger at Real Food, Raffles Place

This hearty veggie burger is jam-packed with lentils and comes with a raw salad and sweet potato wedges. Real Food's burgers are surprisingly dense and is cooked perfectly crispy on the outside to provide that satisfying texture with every delicious mouthful.

If that's enough to whet your appetite, don't forget Deliveroo have heaps of restaurants throughout Singapore that will deliver freshly made meals straight to your door. Check out their full list of takeaways in Singapore here.

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