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6 of Our Favourite Sushi Dishes in Singapore – Which One’s Yours?

6 of our favourite sushi dishes in Singapore – which one’s yours?

Once the provision of well-to-do Japanese families, sushi has since been taken to the hearts of foodies across the globe – including Singapore! It first came to the Lion City more than a century ago, with "Little Japan" home to a raft of Japanese street food outlets serving raw and cooked fish by the dozen.

Today, sushi is more popular than ever, topping other popular Japanese dishes such as ramen in terms of popularity and convenience. Below we've listed some of our favourite sushi combinations from those who make the best sushi in Singapore – get inspired… and ordering!

1. Salmon Lovers Platter at Senmi Sushi, Marina Square

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Exactly what it says on the tin, if you adore salmon you won't be able to get enough of Senmi Sushi's platter. There are ten pieces of fresh salmon to devour, ranging from flamed teriyaki sushi and salmon belly to sashimi and belly sashimi. It's surprisingly filling but it's a really well-balanced meal and full of protein and fun.

2. Spider Maki at JK Don, Bugis

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One of the myriad of sushi combinations that you'll find on offer at JK Don, Spider Maki is undoubtedly one of our favourites. Singapore is the place for soft shell crab and these delicious spider rolls feature breaded or battered soft shell crab, dressed with avocado, cucumber and rolled with a tangy mayonnaise and sushi rice – such an indulgent lunchtime snack!

3. Seoul Roll at Seoulroll, City Hall

Set within the busy Raffles City Shopping Centre, Seoul Roll is one of the best places to go for a quick bite of sushi to keep you going mid-shop. Their original Seoul Rolls are a perfect taste of Korea in one mouthful. Combining luncheon meat with glorious pickled veg, including kimchee, it's one of the best sushi combinations of sweet and salty flavours. But there's no reason to head to Raffles City if you don't feel like it, as Seoul Roll is also available on Deliveroo.

4. Salmon Sashimi at Salmon Samurai, Tanjong Pagar

If you like your salmon raw, opt to eat from Tanjong Pagar to sample Salmon Samurai's delicious sashimi. They fillet raw salmon pieces on a daily basis, serving it up with some fresh avocado slices and prawn roe that provides an intense hit of seafood flavour, combined with the healthy fats of the avocado.

5. Cooked Sushi Set at Sakae Sushi, Marina Square

If the thought of raw fish as a sushi combination just doesn't appeal, we've got the perfect solution at Sakae Sushi. Their assortment of cooked sushi is big enough for a main meal and is the perfect starting point for those new to sushi takeaway and Japanese flavours.

6. Avocado Soft Shell Crab Roll at Itacho Sushi, Dempsey

Located a little outside of the city centre in Dempsey, Itacho Sushi is well worth the trip. We can't say enough how much we adore Singapore's soft shell crab dishes and here again, Itacho Sushi's avocado and soft shell crab rolls are simply the perfect balance of flavours. The cooling avocado with the fragrant crab is simply the most decadent lunchtime sushi snack.

If you've had your fill of Japanese cuisine and fancy trying something else, don't forget to check out Deliveroo's full list of takeaway restaurants in Singapore that deliver straight to your door.

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