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5 Greek Dishes in Singapore that Can Provide a Little Mediterranean Magic

5 Greek dishes in Singapore that can provide a little Mediterranean magic

If you're as fanatical about food as we are at Deliveroo, when you eat out or order takeaway you'll no doubt want dishes that are packed full of flavour and look as appetising as they taste. That's why we're so surprised that Greek cuisine all too often gets overlooked in Singapore as an option either for a light lunch or a more substantial meal with friends or family.

For Singapore residents craving an authentic taste of the Mediterranean, whether it's the juicy olives, crumbly feta or slow-cooked melt-in-the-mouth dishes, we've put together the city's top five Greek takeaway dishes that aren't necessarily the best-known Greek meals out there. However, they are fresh, fun and full of tradition.

1. Souvlaki at Gyromania, Boat Quay

One of the best places to experience authentic Gyros Souvlaki in Singapore. Gyromania has put Greek food on the map within the Lion City, utilising fresh and traditional Greek ingredients to bring healthy yet delicious Greek fast food to Boat Quay. Think of souvlaki as a more upmarket version of a kebab, cooked on a rotisserie and providing fresh, succulent meat with marvellous Mediterranean marinades and juicy fresh vegetables – a mouth-watering meal whenever you're short on time.

2. River Trout and Whipped Feta at Summerlong, Robertson Quay

Situated on Robertson Quay, Summerlong boasts a laid-back vibe that one would expect from a beachside Mediterranean restaurant. With a menu offering bold, fresh flavours and a casual everyday dining scene, Summerlong is a really great place to experience Greek and Mediterranean cuisine for the first time. Its repertoire of grilled seafood is what really catches the eye here, with everything from river trout to roasted garlic prawns that guarantee a taste of the summer all year round. The trout is a particular masterpiece, with its delicate flavours combined with fresh peas, crispy sage and whipped feta for a gentle taste of the Med.

3. Quinoa Tabbouleh at Ergon Greek Deli & Café, Suntec City

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It has taken some time, but Singapore is steadily housing hearty Mediterranean gastronomy in all four corners of the city. Ergon Deli & Café is fast becoming one of the trend-setters for artisanal Greek cuisine in a contemporary environment at Suntec City. Today, Ergon's premium quality Greek produce has successfully made its way to south-east Asia, specialising in meze – delicious bite-size morsels such as stuffed vine leaves and feta - designed to be shared with friends and family. However, our particular favourite is the Quinoa Tabbouleh, which is the ideal light lunch, packed with fresh herbs and feta cheese, it's one of the most Greek lunchtime meals you'll find in the Lion City.

4. Baklava at Alati, Chinatown

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Proudly serving up some of the finest seafood dishes from the Aegean Sea, Alati offers an indulgent Mediterranean dining experience. Their grilled seafood matches anything else you'll find in Singapore and south-east Asia, particularly the grilled octopus and sea bass carpaccio; all cooked to perfection by professional Greek chefs – bliss! Better still, Alati's desserts are also some of the best Greek-influenced dishes for those with a sweet tooth. Their home-made baklava, with chopped pistachio nuts and gooey syrup is a particular delight.

5. Spanakopita at Blu Kouzina, Dempsey

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You have to venture a little out of town for this place, but luckily Blu Kouzina delivers from the Dempsey Hill area too. Whether it's the fresh oregano-infused roasted vegetables or the palate-cleansing tzatziki, or even the grilled sardines doused lavishly with lemon and EVOO, Blu Kouzina's modest-sized menu is a celebration of all things Greek. We love their authentic Spanakopita, which is a baked filo pastry filled with spinach, feta cheese and herbs. It's best enjoyed warm from the oven, but it's also a delicious snack cold too. Greek food is not fussy or complicated; it's simple, fresh ingredients that complement each other perfectly.

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